It’s that time of year again when students up and down the country prepare to sit exams and finish their school and college courses. If you’re due to make the leap from college to the career ladder in the coming months or you’ve just started your first job, hopefully, you’ll find this guide useful. Here are some tips to make the transition as seamless as possible and some steps you can take to enhance your career prospects.  

Take advantage of advice and support

Many students are anxious about leaving the bubble that is college and stepping out into the big wide world. It’s not easy to find a job, and it’s very common to attend graduation without really knowing what you want to do next. If this scenario sounds familiar, don’t panic. Use the time you have available to take advantage of career advice and any programs or workshops that are designed to prepare you for that next step. Look into the options that are open to you. Whether you need help with interview skills or you’re anxious about what to do next, and it’s making you feel stressed, there is help out there.

Work on your resume

If you’re leaving school or college, and you plan to get a job, you may have already started firing off applications. Before you go any further, take a moment to have a good look at your resume. A resume is a summary that should sell you and showcase your skills, abilities, and character traits. Make sure your resume is concise and snappy, and tailor it to each individual job description. If you’ve applied for a lot of jobs, and not had any success, it’s worth seeking advice and trying to improve your resume. Try and ensure that your resume stands out. Employers are often faced with a pile of papers, and you don’t want your application to fade into the background. What can you offer that is different to other candidates, and what makes you unique? Have you traveled? Do you volunteer? Are you multilingual? Have you overcome adversity to shine at college?

Learn on the job

If you’re lucky enough to land the job you want, take every opportunity to develop, learn, and enhance your prospects. Most of us have a desire to progress, and taking advantage of training courses can make all the difference when it comes to climbing the career ladder. If you teach children, for example, you may have opportunities to learn from on-site training at Project TEAM, which covers aspects such as social interaction, encouraging teamwork and cooperation, and preventing bullying. If you’re on a sales team and you have grand plans to lead the department, look at courses on conflict resolution or improving morale. No matter where you begin your career, there are likely to be opportunities that could shape your career and help you move in the right direction.

Are you getting ready to leave school or college, or have you recently taken that first step onto the career ladder? It can be daunting to enter the world of work, but it’s also a very exciting time. Hopefully, this guide has provided some useful advice, and you’ll be climbing that ladder in no time.

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