Why should you want more flexibility in your career? Well, this is something more and more people wish they had. Freelancers and contractors tend to enjoy a lot of flexibility, but it can be tough for those in full time employment.

People who want flexibility believe that other areas of their lives would thrive because of it, such as their relationships. People want to be able to do the work they really love and enjoy while tending to their personal needs, too. A study has shown that 1 in 10 people actually believe their situation in terms of flexibility is “terrible.” Are you one of these people?

Use the pointers here to figure out how you can enjoy more flexibility in your career:

See If You Can Compress Your Work Week

One way people are enjoying more flexibility in this day and age is by opting for a compressed work week. This might be totally possible for you if you’d only ask your boss. The gist is this: instead of working five, eight hour days, you’d work four, ten hour days, which could give you the opportunity to enjoy a three day weekend, or perhaps even have a day off in the middle of the week.

You won’t know if this is possible unless you ask!

Do Your Research on Locum Opportunities

Doctors and physicians can make the most of locum opportunities. A locum doctor can still earn a great income while doing the work they love. You will be able to set your own schedule, enjoy your chosen lifestyle, and do it all without having to give up your career. You can get a good idea of the staffing opportunities available to you if you check out locum tenens staffing. It’s not for everyone, but for those who would love a more flexible career and lifestyle, it can really work!

Consider Going Part Time

Take a look at your finances and your lifestyle. Could you afford to go part time? Some shudder at the thought of not earning as much as they are right now, but do you really need that money? Many people come to the conclusion that more time and flexibility is worth a lot more than the money to them.

Plus, it’s always worth remembering that while you have more time, you could perhaps look into ways of creating your own business or side gig.

Work For Yourself

If you have a particular skill that you know people would pay for if you were a freelancer or a contractor, it could be time to work for yourself. This is becoming more possible than ever now with all of the free resources available, so take a look and see if this is something that could be suited to you.

Are you ready to enjoy more flexibility in your career? Which one of these options will you choose? Leave your thoughts, experiences, and any of your own ideas below.

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