When it comes to your safety, the workplace is the one area you should be safest. You know how you can keep yourself safe at home, and you know how you can keep yourself safe in public, but at work, it’s not just your responsibility to be safe. Your employer has to have certain measures in place so that you and your colleagues are able to work comfortably, safety and with the right help when you need it. This means that there has to be more to it than just the policies in the staff handbook and the procedures that you signed against on your first day at work.

A safe environment at work has to be balanced between the people, the management and the conditions of the workplace. Successful workplaces have been known to encourage their staff to identify the behaviors and traits of an unsafe work space themselves. There has to be a level of independence in workplace safety, sure, but your employer has a responsibility to you to ensure that you arrive and leave your workplace in one piece every day. Below, you’ll find five ways that you can stay safe at work:


Your surroundings in the workplace have to be noticed. You’re in charge of knowing the risks and hazards in your workplace and your employer is in charge of training you on these. If you aren’t paying attention, you’re going to risk a slip, or a fall, and you’ll be the one to find a lawyer to help you with a claim when you can’t work. Always be alert of your surroundings including any machinery that may be around.


You need to have a workplace assessment when you are in the office. If you work at a desk, work on your posture and request supportive footrests and chairs to keep you feeling comfortable while you’re working. Your posture matters and you can stop risking long term spinal issues if you don’t look at the furniture situation. 


You are entitled to statutory breaks as part of your contract, but you need to think about the times you move away from your screen or grab a glass of water. Stay safe in the workplace by caring for your own wellbeing for a minute at a time.


If you don’t know how to use a piece of workplace machinery, ask to be trained on it. You need to know the proper precautions and shortcuts that you should and shouldn’t take. Using the machinery, the right way will enhance your safety and reduce your injury chances. 

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Work is stressful, we all know that. Your employer isn’t going to be responsible for your stress levels, but your employer is responsible for recognizing if they are piling it onto you too much. If it becomes too much, take the initiative and speak out.

Your safety at work will impact the rest of your life outside it. Take your time and be as safe as possible.

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