When it comes to pursuing a career, so many of us fall into line and follow the traditional route of taking on positions in established companies or businesses. However, it’s extremely important to bear in mind that this isn’t the only option available to us. While employed positions are great for some, there are various individuals who strive for something a little different. We want to work on projects we’re conducting. We want to give out instruction rather than taking instruction. We want to build our own dreams rather than merely contributing to somebody else’s.

If this sounds like something for you, you may want to take to the world of self-employment and freelance work. Now, there are a few different things that you will need to thrive as a self-employed freelancer. A professional home office, an efficient laptop or tablet device, eye-catching business cards… these are all relatively obvious requirements. However, there’s one thing that every freelancer should invest in if they want their small business to thrive: a vehicle.

Purchasing a Vehicle

Treat your vehicle purchase like any other major business investment. While you may not want to purchase a vehicle outright, you can engage with financial plans that allow you to spread the cost out over a more extended period of time. Compare different loans that are available to you on a comparison site like https://auto.loan/. This will help to ensure that you get the best deal to meet your needs!


No matter what field you are working in, there’s no way that you can make it successfully to the top entirely alone. You may need funding from other sources, or collaboration with larger, established brands to help make a name for yourself in the market. As a freelancer in particular, you also need to establish contacts who can call you in and provide you with regular work. This is why you need to network. However, in order to make your meetings, you need to be able to drive! Public transport is unreliable and delays can result in bad first impressions.

Meeting Clients

If your networking goes well and you land some gigs, you’re going to have to meet up with the clients who are requesting your services. Again, public transport is extremely unreliable and you don’t want to leave your client waiting around. Being able to drive also means that you can take your portfolio and equipment or materials along with you, allowing you to show off your work in your meetings or even work on location!

Collecting Materials

Everyone knows that raw and basic materials come cheaper if you buy in bulk. However, you may also want to save on the shipping costs that come hand in hand with huge orders. Picking materials up straight from the supplier will save you plenty of costs, but of course, you need a vehicle of your own to get there and transport them.

As you can see, a vehicle is one of the most valuable assets a freelancer can acquire. Buy smart, though. While new cars are fancy and flashy, they will cost you more over time. Buying a good, used car is a smart way to save money (and let someone else pay the bulk of depreciation!).

Why You need a Car to Successfully Freelance

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