Jarell and I were invited to participate in a career fair for college students in California last week. We were asked to create a 2-minute video explaining something about careers. Do you know how hard it is to explain something as complicated as careers in two minutes? Let me tell you: It’s very hard!

As instructional designers, we’ve made videos using instructional software, like Camtasia, but we’ve usually shied away from the more professional stuff like Adobe’s Premiere Pro. Now that we’re running our own company, we decided it was time to let go of our old learning developer training wheels and see what we could do.

Video Challenges

Of course, my computer didn’t have enough hard drive space (or RAM) to make a video, so the first thing we had to do was replace it. This meant buying and returning three Macbook Pros over four days before finding the right one for the job! Then, we had to source footage, write a script (and rewrite it 20 times), record voiceover (and re-record it four times), and ask for newbie clarifications on minutiae like “how long does the fade at the beginning need to be?”

Trying new things is important, though. We tell you all the time how important it is to keep your skills fresh and become a lifelong learner—it’s the only way to stay relevant in the job market. So, try not to judge us too harshly as you watch our first Perfectly Employed video: 9 Things You Must do to Be Hirable.

Just in case you missed something, we created this handy infographic:

9 Things You Must do to be Hirable #career #getajob #findajob #behirable 

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