With summer ending, many moms (and dad’s too) consider returning to the workplace as the kids go off to school. There’s no right or wrong answer for when the right time to return to work is. If you feel like you’re ready, but still have fear, work through your fears before committing to a full-time job. Here are a few tips for conquering your fears:

First—Taking a break can be a fantastic decision

 About 43% of highly qualified women with children find themselves in a position where they are leaving their career for a period of time.

While some companies have understood the importance of parental leave and parent-child time, too many American employers continue to offer minimum leave and can’t guarantee a job back if the mother chooses to spend the first few months with her baby. Only a handful of companies promote extended maternity leave and offer an on-site nursery and babysitter facilities. 

You can be nervous, but don’t let it ruin your day

Panic attacks and anxiety disorder can affect your attitude as you’re going back to work. While it is natural to be nervous, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t let your nerves and your fears get the best of you. You need to react quickly by identifying the triggers, aka by asking the question: What am I afraid of right now? Becoming mindful of your fears can already help you to deal with it.

Let go of worry about your body

Especially for young mothers, going back to the office is a confrontation of their greatest fears, namely that things might have changed. If you are honest with yourself; things have changed. Your colleagues have moved to new projects while your body and your family life have been transformed through the wonder of birth. You might worry that people will use your mommy’s body against you, as a proof that you can’t be as productive that you once were.

If you feel that your appearance affects your confidence in the workplace to the point where you simply can’t accept it, you could consider a mommy makeover surgery, which can address all problem areas.  Remember that there is no shame in motherhood. If you choose to transform your body, do it for yourself and not for others.  

Make sure your knowledge is up-to-date

Am I good enough? Believe it or not, but it is a frequent doubt for those who go back to work after a long time. It’s fair to assume that if you haven’t been practicing for several months or even years, you might gain in taking an online course to ensure that your skills are still relevant. You needn’t doubt yourself; there is a lot of wisdom is wanting to improve your knowledge and skills. Don’t think of it as a failure.

Learn how to manage work and family

Going back to work is not always a viable option. Indeed, for mothers, the office is not the best environment to grow the household’s income. But you can find positions that are suitable for those who need to stay at home. If you’re staying with a child, you could just as well offer babysitting to local moms too, as this could bring a new source of revenues. You could also turn your spare bedroom into a room to let.

Find the right kind of job

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve tried. It can be difficult to find a position that gives you sufficient flexibility to maintain your lifestyle. That’s precisely why more and more mothers have decided to take their side hustles seriously and develop them into a business. After all, if you can transform your hobby into a flexible and income-generation activity, there is no need to worry about going back to work. You will be working directly from your home, at the time that suits you and your needs best.

There’s no denying that going back to work after a break is stressful. Nevertheless, you should embrace this new adventure like a chance to discover what you want to do. Whether it’s improving your knowledge, falling back in love with your appearance or launching your own business, there are many options to become a fearless worker again.

Going back to work without fear after having kids

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