Christmas Decorations for Work

If you’re starting to think about your Christmas decorations for work, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed the massive Christmas decoration displays hiding in the aisle right next to the Halloween costumes in your favorite big-box store. Christmas seems to come earlier every year—especially in retail.

Successful office holiday decorations should be simple. You want to boost morale and look cheerful without looking like a total dork. Keep your decorations classy and understated, and leave the 6-foot dancing Santa Claus for your front porch.

Garland Makes a Classy Christmas Decoration for Work

You can deck the halls with boughs of holly at the office with a traditional greenery garland. Stay away from live greenery as it can be an allergy trigger for your office mates. Otherwise, you can find a wealth of garland ideas of Pinterest.

You can hang garland from the edges of your desk or around the ceiling in your office. It also makes an attractive bookshelf decoration. 

If traditional greenery isn’t your thing, you can find all sorts of garland ideas, from candy canes to flamingoes. If you are trying to decorate your entire office for less than $5, you can find shiny garland at the Dollar Tree. 

Whatever you do with your garland, make sure your swags are even. Uneven swags annoy everyone, but might drive your OCD office mate to drown her sorrows in egg nog before she can cash her holiday bonus.

Make Room for a Small Christmas Tree

The tree is always the biggest feature of the home at Christmas and it should be no different with the office. You will want to put the tree somewhere everyone can see and enjoy it and it will be the perfect place for everyone to place their secret Santa gifts for opening on the last day of work before Christmas. The only thing to ensure is that you follow tips to maintain workplace safety and make sure that the cables for lights are tucked away and that the presents aren’t visible from the outside to any robbers who might take a chance.

Light Up Your Office

Lights are the pinnacle of festive spirit and to bring some cheer into the office at the end of the year you can have some fun hanging lights around the office and on desks. Although it will be daytime when you are in the office, lights can make the whole place feel magical and fun. You can even have those small Christmas tree USB sticks on the desk!

Hang a Wreath on Your Door

You can find inexpensive wreaths at places like Hobby Lobby or even Amazon. Wreaths are a nice, subtle touch that says, “Happy Holidays!” without recalling visions of the Macy’s parade. If you are a DIY kind of decorator, wreaths are easy to make with supplies from your favorite dollar store.

Go Tinsel Crazy

Tinsel might not be everyone’s favorite decoration at home, but at work it can bring some festive cheer and make everyone feel festive. Think of bringing some Christmas tinsel into the office at the end of the year and you can stick a small strip to your phones, have it hung from the ceiling and on the tree.

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5 Cheap and Easy Christmas Decorations for Work

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