When most people think of healthcare and medical professions, the first careers that come to mind tend to be doctors and nurses. After all, these are professionals we all come into contact with on a regular basis. However, the healthcare sector is much more than just these two jobs, with hundreds of unique and fulfilling careers most people have never even heard of. Medicine and healthcare will always be in demand, making this one of the most reliable industries out there. If you are considering a medical career, here are five that you might have overlooked.

1. Dance Therapist

As made up as it sounds, dance therapy is a real treatment and one that has a major impact on the health and well-being of others, making it the perfect career for those passionate about medicine and dance alike. With some business know-how, you could even build your own facility offering healing services. This career does require a master’s degree and doesn’t pay as much as other masters-level jobs do, but it’s so rewarding most barely notice the difference.

2. Dosimetrist

Dosimetrists are practically unheard of, but they’re one of the most valuable jobs in the medical world. They specialize in radiation and work with oncologists to treat cancer patients using radiation therapy. It can take a long time to become a dosimetrist, and with the daily work with radioactive materials, the risks can be quite high. That being said, this is an incredibly lucrative position and is one that requires an incredibly special and passionate person to do it.

3. Cardiac Perfusionist

While most people have heard of heart surgeons, very few know of the cardiac perfusionists that assist them during surgery. These professionals operate the machines that pump blood into the heart while it is stopped during the operation. With the rise in heart surgeries, this vital career is becoming more and more in demand, making now the perfect time to rethink your professional life. This work does require a degree but offers excellent pay and relatively flexible hours.

4. Sonographer

Sonography is the perfect option for those wanting to work in the medical field but don’t want to go to medical school. These individuals use machines called ultrasounds to view joints, organs, and muscles, and spot potential injury or illness. With a qualified doctor and portable ultrasound machine for sale, you could even create your own mobile medical screening service. This career rarely requires a bachelor’s degree, but an associates degree and some training is necessary.

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5. Medical Transcription

Wanting to work in the medical world doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to work directly with patients. If this is the case for you, then a career as a medical transcriptionist might be the perfect solution. As a transcriptionist, you would need to listen to recordings of doctors and type what they say into reports and notes. This is a job that can be conducted in doctor’s offices and hospitals, but, thanks to the internet, you can work from home too, allowing flexible work days.

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