Life is too short to be unhappy, and one of the things in life that can make us unhappy is our job. Perhaps it’s a change in your working environment, or you feel like you’ve outgrown your role. Here are the telling signs that it might be time to find a new job.

You’re Already Thinking Of Leaving

Pretty obvious right? But you’d be surprised by the amount of us who’ll be thinking about leaving but don’t. Instead, we’ll usually make a number of excuses as to why you shouldn’t leave. If you’re thinking about leaving then it means that deep down, you know it’s time to move on. You’ve likely made that decision subconsciously already!

Sleep is Disrupted

Whenever we’re stressed out or worried about something, our brain goes into overdrive, and that can make it impossible to get to sleep. And sleep is important to our bodies because the lack of it can affect our mood and the way we work. This can make your current job feel worse than it already does and you might find yourself performing worse. This, in turn, might pose a threat to your job, and you’ll want to leave your employment on a positive rather than negatively.

Comfort Eating and Drinking

One of the ways some of us tend to cope with stressful situations is to comfort eat or maybe drink a little more than usual. We do this to ease our worries or to escape from whatever’s eating away at us. Whether it’s an extra couple of glasses a week or overeating, neither is going to be good for your health. It only makes those feelings worse when they do come back.

You Wake Up Not Wanting To Get Up

The thought of actually being in work might make you question whether to even get out of bed. This can be quite upsetting because no job should ever make you feel like it’s not worth seeing the day. If this is something that’s happening, then it is certainly time to draft up a letter of resignation, so that you can look after your mental health. Although it’s wise to secure a job before moving on, sometimes it’s best to take yourself out of the situation immediately. Companies like Pure Staff are great for finding work if you suddenly find yourself out of a job.

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Taking It Out On Friends And Family

It’s heartbreaking when you lash out at friends or family members in any situation, but it’s also a horrible feeling when you do it, and you don’t mean to. The ones that are closest to us usually get the brunt of our anger or upset. It can also be the same for your work colleagues, and you might find yourself snapping at them.

We work for the majority of our lives so, in order for us to have happiness in our careers, the job in every aspect should be positive. If ever you feel any of these or all of them, then perhaps it’s time to think about a new adventure. You never know what might be around the corner and that in itself is exciting!

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