Please meet guest blogger Rilind Elezaj, who reached out to share a lesson on avoiding negativity.

If you allow a negative person into your inner circle, be it in business or personal life, it will just be a matter of time until their negative attitude, pessimism, and backwardness start to rein havoc in the inner circle. This kind of people will approach you and befriend you pretending to care about you and your business but once they have your trust, they start oozing catastrophe.

Is there a way of identifying negative people and cutting them lose early enough? The short answer is no, the reason being that the negative vibes could even be coming from a close family member. In such a case, you inhale negativity every morning and in the end, you start seeing negativity and feeling it like it was a part of you. But our advice is to never allow negativity coming from people affect you or the environment surrounding you. Seek the help of a reputable life coach whenever you feel overwhelmed by the negativity around you.

The long answer, on the other hand, has everything to do with identifying negative vibes from a distance and avoiding it before it comes your way. You don’t cut it lose; you simply don’t allow it into your life.

1. Be the Author of your Attitude

Negative energy will only thrive around you if you aren’t in charge of your attitude. That is the time they move in with their bad attitudes and lend you some of their pessimism. And because we said that a negative person can be so ingrained in your life that you unknowingly overlook their negativity, it is best that you treat everyone around you as a suspect. Deliberately refuse to allow anyone, positive or negative, to influence your attitude. Tell yourself every morning that whatever happens throughout the day, you will maintain a smile through and through.

2. Ignore the Haters

Haters will always try to get into your head and spoil your mood by judging you or by giving you reports of how others were gossiping about you. Whereas that is hard to control (every human being hates to be judged), you can minimize its effects by telling your mind to stop caring too much about what other people say behind your back. And if we are to be honest, judging other people is part of the human composition. Even those you love and those who love you will judge you sometimes.

In some cases, you invite people to judge you by being dishonest and betraying their trust in you. But even when you are the cause of it, you will still feel bad when it happens. To avoid inviting malicious judgments from negative people, always try to be honest and dedicated to whatever you are mandated to do.

3. Don’t Care too Much

The secret to achieving anything in life is to not care too much about it. If you want to be happy, don’t sacrifice too much for it otherwise you will be frustrated in the long run. If you don’t want negative people in your life, don’t go looking for them everywhere. You don’t need to know them to block them out. As a matter of fact, searching for them with the mission of avoiding them later will actually make everything worse. Remember we said that even your loved ones can be the negative tumor in your life. Knowing who they are will affect your trust in people and deal a big blow to your happiness.

4. Take full Responsibility for Your Life

Negative people will always make you mad and disoriented, to the extent of affecting your productivity at work. If a close friend is negative but you are yet to decipher that, he will get into your mind and probably feed you with negative info about your partner. In the end, you become angry and do unimaginable things.

But then instead of apologizing to those you hurt and make amends, you result in blaming the negative friend for making you mad. That is exactly what the pessimist wanted you to do because when you blame him, you unknowingly refuse to take the blame for your actions and admit to everybody that he/she has you under his spell.

Always take responsibility for your actions. Don’t give anyone the satisfaction of seeing you admit that they have power over you.

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Bottom Line

Never allow negativity space and oxygen it needs to grow. Seek the help of a reputable life coach whenever you feel overwhelmed by the negativity around you.

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