Studies show that creative hobbies can boost important skills and ultimately advance our careers in a variety of ways. Hobbies that foster artistic pursuits—such as writing, doodling, etc—help in stimulating creative thoughts and out-of-the-box critical thinking skills, essential skills regardless of what industry you work in. In fact, there is much we can learn from those who have creative careers, specifically street photographers. Street photographers are well-versed in observation and studying people, places, and activities. These non-technical skills allow them to be impeccable storytellers and communicators, and ultimately, foster personal and professional growth.

Invaluable created a neat visual that highlights all the ways we can advance our careers and sharpen valuable, non-technical skills learned through the art of street photography. From trusting intuition to embracing perfection, study the graphic below and take notes on how you can implement these characteristics into your daily activities.

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