Some people are innately caring and nurturing. Looking after others comes naturally to them. If this sounds like you, have you ever considered using it to your advantage in your career and considered work in care? It could be with children, older adults, mental health patients or those who are physically unwell. There are many fantastic reasons for joining this career path.  

1. It’s Genuinely Rewarding

Going to work is a means to an end for most people, just a way to get money so that they can put food on the table and pay the bills. However, when you work a job you love, it’s an entirely different situation. And when you work in an industry like care, you can go to bed each evening knowing you made a genuine difference to people’s lives. You get to help people and pick them up after going through the worst time of their lives. You help them heal, either physically or mentally, improve their chances at a bright future. It’s certainly a rewarding career to have. 

2. It’s Different Each Day

When you work with people, every day is always going to be different. Different patients will present different challenges, and things can change quickly. Your interactions with others and the kind of assistance they need is never going to be the same, so it’s not the kind of position where you’re likely to get bored or sit clock watching. The actual work you can do within this field is massively varied too, so if you’re planning a career in care in the future, think about the sort of position you want. 

3. You Can Keep Improving Your Skills

When your work challenges you, it keeps you busy, so there’s no clock watching. When you are being challenged, you’re continually growing and improving when there’s no challenge, it’s easy to become bored and for your skills to stagnate. Working in the care field will keep you busy and teach you how to overcome many challenges and obstacles along the way. There are many directions you can take a care career in, you can work anywhere from a hospital to a private clinic to an army base or out in the community. Decide where your passions lie and take the route that’s right for you. For example, if you wanted to work with older adults then a Certificate IV in Ageing Support could be the first step onto the career ladder. 

4. You Have the Choice of Working Abroad

Even if working abroad isn’t something that you’re considering right now, it’s good to know that you have the opportunity to do so later down the line, if you want to. If you desire a green card to work somewhere like Australia or America for example, you need to have relevant skills. Gaining a degree and working a related care career is likely to give you these kinds of skills, opening up opportunities for the future. Nurses, mental health nurses and other healthcare professionals are always going to be in demand.

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