Unless you are ridiculously lucky, your dream job isn’t going to fall out of the sky and land in your lap while you are binging Netflix on your couch. Landing your dream job takes real effort. For your life to change, you have to make a few changes:

Upgrade Your Professional Appearance 

To land your dream job, you have to look the part. While dress codes are relaxing in a lot of office environments, people do make judgements about you—both conscious and unconscious—based on how you’re dressed. 

You also make judgements about yourself based on what you put on everyday, and what you see in the mirror. Think about it: When you lounge around in your pajamas, how productive are you? The act of dressing for the job you want is a form of visualization. People like Tony Robbins swear by this technique! 

By dressing for your dream job, you are sending the message to yourself and everyone around you that you are ready to welcome the right opportunities. 

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Enhance Your Skillset

Today’s employers expect you to constantly improve your skillset. They want to see that you can do this on your own, without anyone demanding that you do it on your own. Lifelong learners make well-rounded employees. 

Find out what people in your dream job’s industry are talking about, and learn everything you can about those topics. Follow industry leaders on LinkedIN, and make connections. Reach out when you don’t understand something—you may find a mentor or at least a great networking connection.

Check here for more infoon online courses that may strengthen your skillset.

Elevate your Mindset

Your own beliefs and self-dialogue can limit you from landing your dream job.Be more mindful of how you speak to yourself,and what you believe about your achievements. 

Your dream job shouldn’t be a dream at all—it should be a goal. You should figure out what steps you have to take to land the job and then start crossing them off of your list. By achieving the little steps on your way to your dream job, you will believe that you can land the job because you’ll have proven to yourself that you deserve it. Believing you deserve the job is a big part of actually landing the job.

Evaluate Your Lifestyle 

Look around you and ask yourself, “Would my lifestyle support my dream job?” If not, start making changes.

For example, if you are accustomed to sleeping until noon, and your dream job is a 9 to 5 executive job with a large corner office, you probably should start waking up a few hours earlier. If you’re a new parent, and your dream job is doesn’t provide on-site daycare services, you should make a plan for childcare. 

Living the dream doesn’t just happen. You have to be a participant in the process. Make your list of steps for landing your dream job, and start making the right decisions that will get you there!

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Make these 4 changes to land your dream job

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