Of all the industries that keep the world spinning around, there are none that are more important than healthcare. There have been huge advancements in recent decades, which have helped to elevate the overall health and fitness levels of society, and they’re only expected to carry on progressing in the coming years.

While there are many reasons why healthcare has advanced, perhaps the one that is most overlooked are the policies enacted in legislature. Indeed, in recent times, it has been the laws that have been passed that have helped push this crucial industry forward.

When we think of working in healthcare, we usually think it involves working as a doctor or a nurse, but this isn’t the only route we have towards making a positive difference. If you work in health and policy, then you’ll have an opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of the population using your intellect and legal skills. In a country where healthcare is always trying to move forward, there is always a need for legal healthcare professionals, and this need will be even greater in the coming years. 

While you won’t be working on the frontline of healthcare, you can have a tremendous impact behind the scenes by specializing in health law and policy. And since healthcare is an evergreen industry, it’s also a career choice that comes with a good level of security, too. If you have an interest in this aspect of healthcare, then take a look at this infographic:

infographic design by Hofstra University Hofstra University

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