Learning on the job has a lot of benefits to it, and many more than you may think! So if you’re in it for a career change, but you’re not sure what you can do next, or you think you’ve got next to no transferable skills, here’s why you might be wrong to not give those job listings a chance. 

You really could do anything next, with just a bit of research!

You’re Learning and Earning

Let’s say you’ve taken up an apprenticeship; not only will you be trained in how to do a certain job or trade, but you’ll be able to cash in a living wage at the same time. This saves you a lot of time in the future, and it means you’ll also be able to support yourself through the program. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to university, this is a great way forward. And if you want to learn more about programs like these (because they’ve available all over the world!), be sure to get in touch with local businesses and to read up on government, organization, and charity websites. 

You’ll Get Used to the Workplace

When you’re learning on the job, and it’s a job you’ve never done before or you weren’t sure you were qualified for, you’ll learn the most specific ins and outs of how it works. You’ll be able to focus wholly on the job at hand, and what it asks of you, rather than rely on potentially questionable experience from another workplace. 

For some employers out there, this means you can become the perfect fit for the position they’re hiring for. They can train you whenever you need it, and know it’ll be taken on board and pay off in everyone’s favor in the long run. All in all, learning on the job means you’ll know your new workplace like the back of your hand, and that’s invaluable in the modern working world. 

It’s Very Cost Effective

This is more a point for your employer than for you, but it’s important to keep this in mind as well! When someone can hire you, a ready and willing worker, to get on with a job that you can learn as you go, they won’t have to spend money on external training or putting miles and miles into finding the ‘perfect’ candidate for the job. After all, that could be you in just a couple of weeks’ time! 

But on the other hand, it’s also cost-effective for you too. You won’t have to put yourself through another form of education or spend too long on the job search, and that could save you a lot of money over a yearly period. 

Learning on the job can be a very valuable use of your time and resources. If you want to switch careers, or indeed, get into your very first one without the need of education, be sure to look for beginner positions, training programs, and plenty of apprenticeships! 

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