If you are looking for a career change then bookkeeping is the right path to follow. Bookkeeping is a job in-demand especially if you have a certificate. If you are a bookkeeper who wants certification, then you need to follow the set guidelines. Also, having a bookkeeping certificate allows you to have up-to-date skills in spreadsheets and database software programs. To be a certified bookkeeper, you need to have basic computer and math skills and be detail-oriented.

Steps to Become a Certified Bookkeeper

1. Get a High School Diploma

It is the lowest requirement for becoming a bookkeeper. While in high school, it is necessary for you to take courses in computer, accounting, math, and English to get a good foundation in bookkeeping. These topics will teach you how to value inventory, record costs, analyze financial statements, calculate depreciation, and use related software programs. 

2. Gain Experience

To acquire a certificate in bookkeeping, it is mandatory to get experience in bookkeeping. There is no better place to do that than in a job hired as a bookkeeper. New bookkeepers are usually paired up with an experienced bookkeeper by employers when they start up on the job. New employees learn what the job entails, the work policies, and the bookkeeping industry’s necessary operations. You get to know how the job is, so you must put more effort when gaining experience.

3. Attain Bookkeeping Certification

After your first stint as a bookkeeper, you need to go back to school in either business administration or accounting to get an opportunity to become an auditor or accountant. You can also get the necessary skills to get into specialized, growing industries. These unique skills increase the career opportunities you can get. You can get bookkeeping certification online if you are unable to attend classes to gain these skills physically. 

Benefits of Being a Certified Bookkeeper

Having a certificate in bookkeeping gives you an edge over other competitors in the career field. A professional certificate confirms to the employer that you have knowledge, dedication, and skills in that particular field.

 The certificate gives you certain benefits in your career:

  • Good pay. Certified bookkeepers are in demand, so if you have the certificate, you have a strong starting point in your negotiations regarding payment and recognition.
  • Essential skills and knowledge. A certified bookkeeper possesses proficient skills in keeping correct accounting, financial, and statistical data. These skills assure your employer that you do not need extensive training on the job.
  • Promotion. If you have a bookkeeping certificate, you are in a better position to earn a promotion, primarily if you accomplish your tasks faster, efficiently, and correctly. A faster rise assures you of better pay.
  • Strict ethical behaviors. A certified bookkeeper needs to maintain a high level of proper morals. Employers accept and adore these moral values as they know that bookkeepers will not perform illegal activities. An employer is usually looking for an honest employee with high ethical standards; thus, with this certification, getting a job for you is more manageable.
  • Being a certified bookkeeper allows you to enjoy the privileges of information sharing and training. 

A certificate is essential for a bookkeeper to have an edge over your competitors. A certified bookkeeper has very many benefits, and the bookkeeping industry is a very competitive one. Getting that certificate should be a priority for you due to its numerous opportunities offered.

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