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The past year has seen more of us working from home than ever before. We have swapped the office life for home life. While there are many benefits to this, there are also some negative points that need to get sorted. You no longer have to get up at a silly hour in the morning, nor do you have to battle through throngs of crowds on the subway or get stuck in traffic for hours. Instead, you can wake up half an hour before you are due to start work, wear comfy clothes (unless you have a Zoom or Skype meeting) and finish work at a reasonable hour. If you are set to permanently work from home, or at least for the foreseeable future, it is important to make it more comfortable. Here are some top tips on how you can do so in no time at all…

1. Get Ergonomic Furniture

If you spend a lot of time hunched over your desk at a computer, you could find that you soon get aches in your wrists, arms, neck, and back. This is also known as RSI. To make it more comfortable, there are a few things you can do. Firstly swap your dining chair for an ergonomic chair that has back and neck support. You can get a footstool and special keyboards that are designed to be at the best angle for your wrists. You can also invest in an eye-comfort screen to go in front of your monitor to stop your eyes from being strained.

2. See a Chiropractor If You have a Bad Back

If you have had a bad back for a while, working from home is making it worse. Why not see a chiropractor? You could get a discount by searching for a coupon for Chiropractic exam whereby they can analyze you and see how you can improve your posture. This will help you feel less uncomfortable when working from home.

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3. Designate a Space With No Distractions

If you’re working from home space, in the middle of the family area where you all eat dinner and are constantly being interrupted, it can cause you not to be as productive as you might be otherwise. Try and sort yourself out a space that you can work without interruptions or distractions. Make it clear that you aren’t to be interrupted during work hours and that you need some peace and quiet. If possible, set up a designated room for your office – you could even set up an office in the garden in a summer house. It is up to you, just try and make it your own where you can work freely.

These are just a few things that you can do to make working from home more comfortable. You will find that you look forward to getting up and starting work a lot more with set hours, more breaks and when you are not in pain from being hunched over all day. What are some top tips that you abide by? Let us know!

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How to Make Working From Home More Comfortable - #career, #careeradvice, #workingfromhome 

Perhaps you’re considering a change of career in 2021? With a brand new year ahead of us it’s the perfect time to set yourself some fresh goals. Approaching a career change is both exciting and challenging. You might have some ideas in mind, or be unsure where to start. To support you to get going, consider trying these seven simple tips.

Determine your motivations

The first step is to determine your motivations, you need to establish the reason why you’re looking for a change of career. Defining your motivations will help you to move in the right direction.

Perhaps you’re looking for a new career because you don’t see enough earning potential in your current field? In this case, you’ll want to focus on career paths with high earning possibilities. Instead, you might be looking for a change because your current career doesn’t feel meaningful? Perhaps then you need to move towards an altruistic career, that gives back to society.

Consider your Strengths and Passions

Take things back to basics and write a list of your strengths and your passions. Once you’ve got this list, consider the industries where you might thrive and increase your job satisfaction. If there are things you do like about your current career, list these ideas also. You might not be happy in your current role, but you’ve likely gained plenty of transferable skills that you can take to a new industry. Once you’ve got a solid idea of your skills, it’s easier to decide out which careers to consider in 2021.

Perform detailed research

When you’re approaching a career change, you’ll need to perform a detailed research. Once you’ve got a list of potential industries and roles, find out the exact path you need to take. Research the leading training opportunities, companies, and so on. 

To support this part of the process you might like to check out the Good&Co app. The app uses personality and psychometric tests, to help match you with the perfect workplace. The idea is to match employers and employees who are a good fit in terms of company culture.

Build your brand

When you’re approaching a career change, it’s helpful to build your brand online. Use sites like LinkedIn to create your work profile, and make professional connections. Consider setting up a professional website, and writing a blog that discusses industry-based topics. With plenty of competition for roles, your personal brand can help to set you apart from the rest.

Get Networking 

Networking is one of the best ways to approach a career change, and several tools can support you to do this:

Bizzabo: Using the Bizzabo app you can connect with new people, whether virtually or in person. You can even host your own professional events, using the Bizzabo platform.

Clubhouse: This application provides audio-conversations on a huge range of topics. You can ‘drop-in’ on these conversations, or you can start convos of your own using the Clubhouse ‘rooms’ feature. With the help of Clubhouse, users can talk to professionals who they may not have otherwise come across.

LunchClub: The Lunchclub app allows you to match with other professionals, and then meet using a 1:1 video chat. Once you’ve input a bit about your industry and goals, the app can match you with people who are a good fit.

Further study or training

Depending on your goals, a change of career might involve further study or training. There are plenty of virtual training opportunities online, whether you’re looking for a degree or a short vocational course. Naturally, some professionals are more suited to in-person training, and as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, these opportunities are becoming a possibility. To learn more about learning a trade-in in your area, take a look at

Hire a career coach

Feeling a little lost and not sure how to get started? Consider hiring a career coach, to help you set some career goals. With the support of a coach you can:

  • Determine potential career paths
  • Update your resume and professional online accounts
  • Find potential roles to apply for 
  • Create a careers roadmap 
  • Identify training opportunities in your area

With the right support, it’s easier to create a clear roadmap and start making progress.

While you’re working through the process it might be helpful to start a career journal. A journal can help you to break your long-term goals into shorter steps, and to document your ongoing progress.

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5 In-Demand Careers For 2021 - #getajob, #jobsearch, #career, #careeradvice

Some jobs are always in-demand, while others go through periods where lots of people are hiring all at once. Usually, you have to look at the general trends and things happening in the world to understand which jobs are trending. Right now, we’re in the middle of the most bizarre and life-changing event since WW2. As a result, the demand for certain jobs and careers has gone up far higher than anyone expected. Additionally, the amount of people losing jobs in other lines of work has also gone up. This creates a situation where you’re out of work, looking for a new job. Consequently, these careers could be the perfect place to begin your search:

Nursing Jobs

All types of nursing jobs have increased in their demand over the last year or so. It’s obvious to understand why – a global pandemic has increased the strain on the already heavily worked healthcare industry. Hospitals, and other healthcare settings, are understaffed and overfilled. Thus, the demand for extra help has risen through the sky, increasing the need for qualified nurses of certified nursing assistants (CNA). If anything, the job of a CNA is more in-demand than most. As you can see on, there are probably plenty of training providers in your area offering you classes to pass the CNA exam. This is a much simpler way of gaining qualifications when compared to other nursing jobs. Thus, more people can feasibly become CNAs, and hospitals are hiring like crazy. 

Tech Expert Jobs

If you’re blessed with a wealth of tech knowledge, you’re almost guaranteed to find a job somewhere. Tech expert jobs have always been in high-demand, but this has grown even stronger over the last year. As more companies move to work-from-home, the demand for innovative technologies has increased. Business owners need people to help create interconnected cloud systems that keep their organizations online. They require assistance in ensuring that everyone can work-from-home, while still being connected. Consequently, if you’re an expert in the tech field, there will be lots of businesses seeking out your employment. You can help them manage the uncertain waters of remote working, keeping their company afloat.

Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor Jobs

Thanks to coronavirus, people have started to realize the incredible benefits of exercise. Numerous reports have shown that fit people have less chance of catching the virus than unfit ones. Similarly, the public recognizes that you actually have a better chance of fighting off all diseases when you’re fit and healthy! Not only that, but the idea of exercising for your mental health has also become a huge thing. People have used exercise as a release during the numerous lockdowns. Therefore, with more individuals interested in getting fit, the demand for fitness instructors or personal trainers is rising. People need experts to guide them and develop programs that benefit their health and help them achieve fitness goals. Online training is already a big thing, but 1-to-1 personal training could well rise exponentially when lockdown restrictions are lifted. Thus, this is a job that’s well worth looking into right now!

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Delivery Driver Jobs

2020 may have been the year that changed people’s attitudes to shopping forever. Online retail has always been on the rise, but we also saw increases in people ordering groceries and food online. It reached a point where many grocery stores couldn’t keep up with the demand for home deliveries, having slots booked up for weeks in advance. Couple this with the ever-increasing popularity of online retail, and you have a world where consumers are buying loads of things online, but there aren’t enough people to deliver them promptly. So, demand for delivery driver jobs is higher than ever before. It’s not just online retail or grocery shopping, but also instant deliveries – like Deliveroo and UberEats. Ergo, you won’t be short on work with a job like this. 

Customer Service Jobs

What does an increase in online shopping mean for the world of customer services? That’s right; increased demand for customer service operators. In a world with loads of online transactions and deliveries flying about, you’re bound to have more queries from customers. People will want to know where their order is, when it will arrive, and provide any complaints when it does get to them. So, companies around the world are hiring more customer service agents than ever before. It could be to answer phones or respond via emails/direct messages. Either way, these jobs are definitely in demand. 

Some of these jobs are more like stepping-stone careers to fill a gap as you search for work. Others are full-blown career paths that you could choose to go down. Either way, all of the jobs mentioned are highly demandable in 2021 and beyond.

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5 In-Demand Careers For 2021 - #getajob, #jobsearch, #career, #careeradvice

Balancing work and college is not easy. You will need to still be productive at work while being equally productive in class. This is never easy especially if you have a career in health care.

If you are going to succeed you will need to have a good work-study balance. You will also need to have some time for your family and friends as well.

Taking your classes online can make things a bit easier to manage but there will still be challenges. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of work and study.

Focus on What You Want to Achieve

Whether you are pursuing an online bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree such as an online mph degree you will need to stay focused in order to achieve your goals.

Take the time to write down why you are pursuing this degree. Display what you have written down in a place where you can take a look at it every day. It will be useful for those times when the stress is high and you begin to wonder why you decided to do this.

Set Up a Schedule

At the start of the semester, your professors are likely to send out your syllabus and tell you about your exam dates. You will also receive assignment deadlines.

Do not put off reading these. You should take a look at it as soon as it is sent out and start marking off the important dates on a physical or electronic calendar. You should start setting up reminders for when you should begin studying for your exams.

Set up reminders as well for when you should begin studying. Always ensure that the schedule fits in with the responsibilities you have at work.

Communicate with Those Around You

You can’t do it alone, in order for you to succeed you will need the support of your employer, friends, and family. Make sure that your employer knows that you are enrolled in an online program to advance your career. Let them know your schedule and that you may need some time off work to do your exams.

Let your family and friends know what you are doing. This will help them better understand those times when you may be too busy to spend time with them. 

Use Your Downtime Wisely

Whenever you are not at work or in class it can be tempting to just sit back and chill. While this is necessary for your mental health and so that you can have some semblance of a life, whenever you can you should incorporate some study into this downtime.

It doesn’t have to be intense, it can be as simple as taking some flashcards and studying for fifteen minutes. If you commute to work on public transportation this is a good time to study. If you get a long lunch break you can use some of this time to study as well.

Use Your Vacation Time

Consider coordinating your vacation time so that it matches up with your exam time. When you do this you will have a chance to study full time when you need it the most.

This must be coordinated perfectly so make sure that you consider this when you get your schedule at the beginning of each semester. 

Take Some Time for Yourself

No matter how well you schedule your work and study time you will not have a complete schedule until you have made some time in it to relax. If you don’t you will get burned out fast and your, work, study, family, and friends will suffer because of it.

Be just as strict about making time for yourself as you are about working and studying this is the only way you can ensure that you have a perfect balance. You should also remember to cut yourself some slack from time to time. If things don’t go as scheduled all the time that is fine.

Balancing It All

The time you spend doing your degree will be one of the most rewarding periods of your life. It may be tempting to think that studying online will be easier than in a physical space.

The truth is that it can be just as demanding and you will need to take the time to balance your work, study, and personal life. It is essential that you carve out time for yourself in all of this so that you can take care of your mental health.

Once you do this, you will be well on your way to accomplishing your goal of getting your advanced nursing degree.

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If you are struggling to choose your career, then you’re not alone. So many people struggle with this choice at least once in their life, and it’s because they are not sure what direction they would like their life to go in. In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the considerations that you should make in order to choose the best possible career for you. If you would like to find out more about what these considerations are, keep reading down below. 

What Makes You Happy?

The first thing that you should think about is what makes you happy. You are going to spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important that you are enjoying it as much as you can. We know that everyone has their bad days where they don’t want to go to work, but there is a difference between this and hating your job altogether. You want to try and choose something that will bring you happiness most of the time, and something that you enjoy doing. Getting up in the morning can sometimes be hard enough without the added stress of not liking the thing that you are doing.

What Are You Good at Doing?

Something else that you should consider is doing something that you are good at. Of course, if something will make you happy and you’re willing to put in the work to achieve the goal, even if you’re not very good at it right now, then there’s nothing wrong with this. But, choosing something that you are good at tends to make things more enjoyable anyway. The reason for this is that when you do something well, you feel good about yourself. For example, if you know that you are good at giving advice, and you enjoy health and fitness, why not consider becoming a health coach? It’s the best of both worlds between something you’re good at and something that you enjoy, making it the perfect job for you.

If you think about it like this when you’re trying to make a choice, then everything should be a lot easier for you. 

What Do You Want From Life?

The last thing that you should think about is what you want from life. What is it that you want to achieve and are there certain things you would like to do? If so, then you want to try and choose a career that allows you to do these things. For example, if travel is something that you want, then we suggest you either get a job that has a fair amount of time off, or one that offers you traveling opportunities. 

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now have a better understanding as to some of the things that you need to think about when trying to choose your career. It might seem like something that is fairly straightforward, but if you think about it, you will see that there is more than what’s on the surface. 

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It can be frustrating when you apply for a job, attend an interview, and later find out that you haven’t been offered the position.

In some cases, it might simply be because you have been unlucky. You may have been a good candidate, but somebody else may have beaten you to the job for fairly insignificant reasons. On the other hand, there may be some very good reasons why you didn’t get the job offer, and we will explore two of these below.

1 – A Bad Interview

Not many people enjoy the interview process. It can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re faced with more than one person at the interview table. Thankfully, most employers understand how nervous their candidates might be, and they will excuse the occasional slipup.

However, there are some job interview mistakes you will want to avoid. For one, you don’t want to turn up late, as that will create a very bad first impression. You don’t want to lie, come across as being arrogant, or appear unprepared for the interview either. Bad-mouthing other candidates is another no-no, so even if you know some of the other people applying for the job, don’t start to put them down in an effort to make yourself look better. 

To improve your chances of success, follow our tips on acing your job interview. By adhering to the advice given, you may turn the tide in your favor.

2 – A Criminal Record

Sorry to say it, but having a criminal record can reduce your chances of getting a job. If you are better than the other candidates, you might still be in for a chance. But if the choice is between yourself and somebody with the same skills and qualifications as you, it might be that you get overlooked. It sucks, we know, especially if your offending days are behind you.

Still, all isn’t lost, so don’t lose hope. 

If criminal charges were later dismissed or acquitted in court, but you still have a criminal record, you can consider expunction, the legal process wherein the records of your criminal offense will be destroyed. 

If your criminal record is valid, you need to remember that you don’t always need to disclose it, unless you are asked. This is true on both your application form and at the interview stage. If you are asked, don’t lie about it. Be honest, but demonstrate to the employer how you have redeemed yourself in the meantime, perhaps with a reference from somebody who knows you well. 

You should also choose the jobs you apply for carefully. There are some jobs that you will struggle to get if your offense was related to the work involved. Applying for retail work after gaining a conviction for stealing money, for example, will obviously put you under suspicion. So, apply for those jobs where you might stand a better chance.

There is more advice here that might prove useful to you. 

3 – Something Else Entirely

We have covered two reasons why you might not get a job offer, but there could be others. To improve your chances, check out the other articles on our website. We have lots of advice available, and we can offer career coaching too. So, don’t lose hope! You will find work eventually, even though it might sometimes seem impossible.

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More than 3.5 million Americans decide to quit their jobs every month and move on to better opportunities or set up their own businesses. Now, is it time for you to join them? It could be an exciting time for you, and you probably cannot wait to walk out of your office for the last time and never return after months of feeling burnt-out. But, when it’s truly time to leave, it’s always better to exit on a good note than to burn some bridges. Why? Because your reputation matters! Here are a few tips on how to successfully quit your job.

Talk to Your Supervisor or Line Manager

When you know it’s time to quit, your first step should be to communicate your intentions to your supervisor or manager – not your closest colleague or other higher-ups. It would not be suitable for your boss to hear about your plans from others despite your current relationship. That might not favor you in the end, as you would lose control of the narrative you wish to have. Ensure that once you have made up your mind, your supervisor should be the first person to talk to and give them a reasonable explanation for your decision to leave. Even then, it would be best to keep it between yourselves until Human Resources announce your resignation. 

Submit Your Two Weeks’ Notice

This is a standard job resignation etiquette. Sending in your two week’s notice gives employers the chance to find your replacement before you leave, if possible. If you decide to quit abruptly, that might force them to find someone new hurriedly, and it is not a good look on you. If possible, try to stay for the entire two weeks unless your organization shortens the two weeks and requests that you leave much sooner. Ideally, you should use that period to prepare any handing over notes for your replacement. Sometimes, you might even have to train your replacement before departing. 

Have a Back-Up Job or Plan

Quitting your job itself is scary as you are not sure what the future holds. It is a significant risk, which gets even more frightening when you do not have a back-up job or plan to rely on. Plus, your colleagues might always ask you where you are going or what your next steps are. Now, that is entirely up to you if you want to share that information with them. But, to keep having a stable income, it is better to have another job waiting for you, whether it is in another office or you are starting your business.

If you are quitting with no plan, do not worry. There are several jobs you can apply for right from home. You can try your hands at online forex trading, drop shipping, tutoring, and picking up writing jobs. They might not yield much in the first couple of months, but you can quickly build a small business out of it. 

Leaving your job can be daunting, even sometimes awkward. Along with these tips listed above, ensure that you leave on good terms with your former colleagues and not to burn any bridges that might affect you in the future.

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Time is a challenging thing for many people. While this resource may feel abundant, it’s all too easy to find yourself lacking the time you need when you don’t have the right tools to manage it properly. For those who have a busy job and family life, this can make it extremely difficult to apply yourself to everything that you’re involved in. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the different people in your life, giving you some ideas that should make it much easier to spend enough time on them, without having to sacrifice the time you put into your work. Of course, though, you will always have to work hard to make this work properly.

Your Work

Before delving too far into your family life, it always makes sense to think about your work. While you often need to spend a lot of time working to find success, there has to be a limit to this each day, and you need to be able to distance yourself from spending too much time at work. There are some easy ways to do this, and you can find some of the most helpful tips below.

  • Schedule & Plan: Having a solid work schedule is one of the best ways to ensure that you aren’t spending too much time at work. A diary, calendar on your phone, or even a special app can be used to make sure that you aren’t giving too much to work.
  • Separate Spaces: Many people work from home, nowadays, but this can make it all too easy to spend all of your time working if you’re not careful. Having a workspace away from home is a great way to solve this issue.
  • Time Management: A lot of people find themselves working hard in the afternoon to make up for the time that they’ve wasted earlier in the day. Working hard at the start of the day can give you the chance to finish your work early.

As you can see, these are quite simple tricks, but they can have a huge impact on your ability to manage your career while spending enough time with your family. It can be hard to make sure that you’re not working all the time, but this will be easier if you put the right things in place.

Your Children

Your children need to see you as much as possible, especially when they are young. The relationship between a parent and a child can be a very strong one, but it can be all too easy for this role to fall to someone else if your little one spends too much time with them. Before they reach school age, it could be worth spending less time working and slowing your career down a little bit. Once they get to school, though, you will have a lot more freedom to give them the time you have.

  • Book The Right Breaks: It’s likely that you are able to take time from work for a couple of weeks each year, and this can be used during your child’s school holidays to make sure that you get to spend as much time as you can with them.
  • Weekends: Weekends should be a time to relax and enjoy yourself, and you should be spending as little time as possible working at these times. Planning family activities for the weekend is a great way to ensure that you have enough time for them.
  • Kids Before Work: Your child should be the most important thing in your life. This means that work should never get in the way of things that matter to them, even if you have to disappoint your boss or slow your career a little in the process.

Your kids need to be able to spend time with you if they are going to develop properly. In some cases, a nanny or daycare centre can be a substitute for this, but they simply won’t be able to give your child the love you have for them.

Your Parents and Elderly Relatives

With a busy life and plenty on your plate, you can be forgiven for forgetting to spend time with your parents and other elderly relatives from time to time, but this isn’t something that you should allow to become a regular thing. People in this position often lack the socialization and time with others that come with work, making it difficult for them to feel satisfied with their lives when they are on their own all the time.

  • Professional Care: Many people end up having to look after their parents once they reach retirement. This can be for loads of different reasons, but it will often mean that you don’t get to spend the right amount of quality time with them. Companies like Ohioans Home Healthcare can help you with this, providing you with everything you need to make sure that you can enjoy your time with your loved ones.
  • Reserve Times: Much like spending enough time with your kids, spending enough with your elderly relatives will hinge on your ability to reserve time for them. Once a week is usually enough, but you can try to see them more if you want to.

The elderly people in your life will love to spend time with you, and it usually won’t take much for you to be able to give this to them. Of course, though, it can still be hard to prioritize this, even when you care for your loved ones deeply.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling prepared to start working hard to separate your career and your family life. Spending enough time with the people you care about can be very difficult, though this will start to get easier after a few short years. You have to work hard at something like this to find success, but this doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

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