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In the past, the typical attitude was always that you can either have a well-paid job or a creative job. The truth is that creative careers do not mean working for free or living like a starving artist. Nowadays, especially thanks to the rise of technology, it’s even less so the case because the creative jobs that are needing to be done are heavily reliant on advanced technology which require a great deal of skill to be able to do effectively. Do you feel like you’re someone who’s very creative, but you still need to be able to earn good money? In this post, we’re going to share some tips for some of the best creative careers you can have and also pay well.


Copywriting is a highly creative job that requires a certain skill set. You need to be able to use words, persuasion, and psychology to understand people and what makes them tick. You can lead people to take a specific action – usually, this means buying something. It stands to reason that companies understand the value that a copywriter brings to their company. Especially if their own strong suit doesn’t extend to selling, they will be happy to pay well for this. Although the salaries for copywriting will vary depending on things like location, experience and also if you work for an employer or if you’re self-employed, the earning potential is pretty great with the average salary for a mid-weight copywriter being around $60K per year.

Graphic Design:

If you’re someone who has a keen eye for design, drawing and bringing messages together in a visually appealing way, then a career as a graphic designer could be perfect for you. Not only is this something that requires a highly specialized and creative skillset, but it’s got very good earning potential. Again, like copywriting, the amount you’ll earn as a graphic designer will really depend on various factors and is also something you can do whilst working for an employer such as a company within their marketing department, a creative agency like TLC Creative or by working as a self-employed freelancer.


Whilst the vast majority of chefs are never going to reach the celebrity status of people like Jamie Oliver, it’s a great career to have if you’re passionate about food. If you’re willing to work hard at making a name for yourself, it can pay very well and also open up a lot of different opportunities to work in amazing places all over the world. There’s no doubt that being a chef is hard going and requires a certain type of lifestyle. You’ll have to be a certain type of person, but it’s worth it if you’re okay with the work involved.

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Personal Trainer:

If you’re a fitness lover, then you could make a great name and career for yourself as a personal trainer. Many people may not consider this to be the most creative of careers, but it definitely is. You’ll be doing things like creating fitness plans for your clients and working with them on a personal level. You’ll need a deep understanding of the human body, nutrition and be able to use creative thinking.

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Creative Careers That Pay Well - #career #careeradvice

Sitting in an office all day long just isn’t suited to some people. It can get boring very quickly and there are some health problems involved with sitting down for long periods of time. If you’re working in an office and you’ve got itchy feet, there are plenty of other things that you can do instead. These are some of the best careers that allow you to get out of the office and into the great outdoors.


Caring for the planet is more important than ever and if you want to be at the forefront of that effort, you should consider becoming an environmentalist. It’ll be your job to head out to different sites and do tests to see whether the environment is being damaged in any way and come up with solutions to combat that. Like any other career in science, you’ll need to get a degree before you can start applying for positions but once you’re qualified, there are a lot of options. You could work for a non-profit organization that aims to protect local environments but there are also lots of government bodies that do similar work.


Surveyors are a very important part of the building process. It’s their job to ensure that the land that is going to built on is suitable and there aren’t any environmental issues that need to be dealt with. Surveys also need to be carried out during the construction process to make sure that everything is safe and up to code. You’ll still be working in an office sometimes but most of your time will be spent visiting all sorts of different sites so it’s ideal for somebody that likes to move around a lot instead of being stuck inside all day. If you’re going to land surveyor job roles, you’ll need to get a degree first. There are some great courses that offer a mixture of traditional learning and on the job experience which will help you when you’re trying to apply for jobs.


Farming isn’t a job that most people consider because it’s usually considered a family trade that is passed down through the generations. But there’s no reason that you can’t be a farmer yourself if you want to. All of your days will be spent outside tending to crops or livestock and you won’t have to set foot in an office ever again. However, farming is a very difficult business to find success in and you’ll have to invest a lot of money in it, so think carefully about it and do your research before you make any decisions.

Park Ranger

Green, open spaces are becoming few and far between but there are still some amazing parks out there. If you love spending time in the great outdoors, why not look for a job as a park ranger? You can spend your work days patrolling some of the most beautiful places in the world and making sure that they’re being looked after properly.   

If you don’t want to be stuck in an office all day long, there are plenty of alternative careers that you can try.

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4 Outdoor Careers for if You Don't Want to be Stuck in an Office - #outdoors #career #careeradvice

Science is a broad field, and the jobs that you can find if you graduate with a science degree are seemingly endless. If you’ve managed to get qualified in any of the sciences, you have a lot of options, and some of them are more unique than others. Either way, there will be something perfect out there for you, and we’ve noted a few of them down here so that you can find the science career that is just right for you!

Clinical psychologist

If you’ve graduated in a science or psychology based field, being a clinical psychologist could be for you. You’d be using your science skills to help to diagnose mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, and also to help find the right treatments for your patients. This can be particularly rewarding if you think that you’d love to find a job working closely with people who need your support.


Forensics is another interesting science-based career field, and it isn’t always necessarily what you would think from watching crime shows on TV. In fact, there are a wide variety of choices out there if you’re looking for a forensic science career, from forensic photography to crime scene investigators, so look into this field if you think that you’d love to assist when it comes to getting to the bottom of a crime.

Fertility nurse

If you’ve got a degree in biomedical science or another related discipline, then being a fertility nurse could be the role just waiting for you. Not only do you help to give your patients advice on how to conceive, but you’ll also be helping with IVF treatments, and you’ll be able to contribute to research if you manage to land a good job in this area. If you feel like you want to help people to have kids, this is a good career option to consider.


For those looking to get their hands on a really interesting science career, meteorology could be the answer that you’re looking for. Meteorologists study the changes in weather, and predict the changes that will happen to the atmosphere based upon intensive research. Not only this, but you could be looking into the impacts of climate change on the weather and the earth (on a long-term basis) so the possibilities in this field really are endless!


Another great career opportunity is toxicology, where you’d be looking at how toxic materials and chemicals are affecting the earth and the environment, both on a short-term and a long-term basis. You’ll be able to see how these things threaten wildlife, and also the environmental impact on human life, and you can produce reports for companies and governments if you manage to secure a good role!

So, there are many unique science jobs out there for those who have qualified, and aren’t really sure about which direction to go in, or for those who simply aren’t sure whether taking up a science career is worthwhile. There are so many fun and rewarding careers in this field, so have a look into them, and you could change the world!

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An interest in law is not an uncommon thing. After all, laws are what govern our lives and how we live them. There are laws for everything. They protect us, they make society safer, and they help us to develop. With so much resting on them, it’s no surprise that many of us have at least a vague interest in the law. It’s why courtroom dramas are so popular, and why we’re all addicted to the latest true crime documentaries. The law fascinates us, and we’re keen to learn more.

In some, this interest is more than an idle curiosity. Some of us grow up knowing that we want to be lawyers. We go to college and law school, we study and train for a long time until we pass the bar and we become lawyers. But, it’s not always that simple, unfortunately. Some of us develop an interest in the law in later life, long after college. Some of us would love to work with the law, but have no interest in being a lawyer. For whatever reason, you might find yourself with a love of law but at a loss for related career options that suit your lifestyle and personality.

Fortunately, being a high flying attorney at law isn’t the only option if you long for a career working with the law or in the legal sector. Here are five jobs in law that you may not have considered.

Court Reporter

If you are looking for a career that gets you right into the thick of things, this could be it. Court reporters work to transcribe spoken or recorded speech into written documents. They work in courtrooms, but also with solicitors in meetings, depositions and with video witnesses. Court reporters can also work with different specialities such as medical malpractice, business law and property law.

Legal Secretary

If you have fantastic organizational skills and enjoy research, then a job as a legal secretary could be ideal. Legal secretaries have the usual admin duties like filing, making appointments and scheduling meetings. But they also write up legal documents, research important information for cases and draft motions and subpoenas. Legal secretaries play a crucial role in a busy law office.

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Unfortunately, a lot of our news relates to crime and the law. An interest in and knowledge of the law could make you a fantastic investigative journalist.


Conveyancers work with property. To buy or sell a house, you need a conveyancer to draft contracts, communicate with the other party, complete surveys and searches and generally keep the process running smoothly. Conveyancers work in a different kind of office, with different people, but still enveloped in law. Depending on the level, a conveyancer may or may not need a law degree.

HR Officer

Working in human relations is challenging. Every day you deal with different people’s needs and requirements. Working for big firms to keep both employers and employees happy, while maintaining the growth of a company and ensuring everyone stays within the law. Knowledge of employment law and business law can be crucial.

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5 Law Careers for Non-Lawyers - #career

Most of us think we’re underpaid for what we do. As educators, Jarell and I know we are underpaid. Even as instructional designers, we are pretty sure we’re underpaid.

Outside of education, some people believe there are positions that are grossly overpaid. The infographic below illustrates the concept:

Which Jobs Do Americans Think Are Overpaid and Underpaid?

Unfortunately, pay gaps exist out of perception, and because we allow them to persist. It’s a societal construct, and it can be quite annoying. If you think you are underpaid, you’re best bet is to change industries. Further your skill set, and put your career first. It’s easier said than done, of course.


Working and traveling is something we’re seeing far more these days. It isn’t unusual to stumble across somebody on social media who’s living in an exotic destination and making money while they do so. If you’re thinking of working and traveling simultaneously so you can see the world without being a vagabond and sleeping on couches, this guide will help you.

Below, we have some tips that will enable you to have the best time traveling as you earn money–it might not be easy at first, but it’ll definitely be worth it if you have an unshakeable wanderlust! Take a look and see what you can do:

Pack Well

The first thing you want to master is packing well. Pack as many clothes that don’t wrinkle as you can so you can look smart, whether you’ll be going to a meeting or heading to an interview. Find ways to save space in your bag, and remember, you will be able to buy stuff when you arrive at your destination if you need to.

Check out the Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist for more tips.


Be Prepared To Meet People

You’re going to meet all kinds of people when you travel, so be prepared to make some friends. They might give you some awesome tips on working and traveling that really help you out, and you might even find some buddies to explore with if you want. You can make friends while travel nursing, bartending, or even freelancing if you know where to go!

Have A Good Internet Connection

A good internet connection is essential. You’ll be able to get work done faster if you’re freelance, and stay in touch with people back home.

Set Focus Blocks In A Different Time Zone

If you’re in a different timezone to other people you’re working with, it can help you to set focus blocks to get more done while they are offline. Then, you can dedicate the rest of your time to completing team centric projects.

Take Things That Make You Feel More Secure

Being away from home can be daunting, so take things that help to make you feel more secure. For instance, something to watch your favorite shows, a special pillowcase, a framed picture of your loved ones, or something else you love.

Try To Stick to a Routine

Although you’re in another country and you want to have fun, you should still try to stick to a routine. You don’t want to end up all over the place, as you won’t be able to stay focused and get as much work done, or to a high standard.

Don’t Be Overly Ambitious

Working in a place will mean you’ll want to plan to stay there longer if you’re going to be working, as you won’t have a ton of free time to explore and take the place in all at once. You definitely won’t want to stress yourself out by hopping from place to place too quickly. Be realistic about how often you’ll go somewhere new!

Jobs You Can Do Abroad

  • Teach English
  • Seasonal Work
  • Online freelancing
  • Work on a cruise ship
  • Become an au pair
  • Bar work
  • Tour guide
  • Restaurant work

How will you have the best time while you work and travel?

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How to Enjoy Traveling for Work - #career #careeradvice #travel #traveljobs

Each and every year, an abundance of people decide that they want to make their living in the health and fitness industry. Many have no idea where to start, let alone have the confidence that they are going to be able to secure a place in such a saturated market.

Here are a few ways you can begin securing your place in the industry now. 

Get Some Training

Assuming you haven’t taken this step yet, you’re going to need some training. You could go back to school, get a degree, and learn all about biochemistry, anatomy, and exercise physiology. However, this will take you a few tears to do. Plus, it doesn’t really give you any advice on how you can start your own business from it.

Another option is training to become a PT. This is faster than going back to school, as there are self study courses. Plus, it costs a lot less money. That being said, many don’t see it as a credible degree, as just about anybody can do it and it doesn’t make them a good trainer. For example, not all Yoga teacher training is created equal. There will be high quality training, and lower quality, but it’s up to you to do your due diligence.

Start Coaching

Once you’ve got your training, don’t put things off. Start coaching. You don’t need to get a degree, rent space in a gym, or start your own studio. Start taking it one step at a time to help people improve their lives. You could even ask to shadow a teacher or trainer for the day to see how they handle things.

Getting really good at this is all trial and error. While you want to know as much as possible to be the best coach, teacher, or trainer you can be, all you need to know at the beginning is more than the person you’re training. It’s that simple.

If you start out with a simple certification, that’s fine, providing you start working towards getting something more substantial later on. If you have trained to be a trainer, coach, or teacher, it’ll help you to be aware of the multiple facets of health and fitness. Not just working out, but nutrition too. These things go hand in hand, and if you can help your clients with both you’ll get incredible results.

Get Some Business Training

It’s important to be well versed in business and how it works if you’re going to make a living out of this. You could get a mentor, do another course, or use free resources online to teach yourself what you need to know.

Once you’ve built a strong foundation of training, nutrition, and business knowledge, you must commit to learning and personal development forever. You are free to pick up the books you want and do the courses that appeal, but you will need to be committed to continuing this journey forever. There’s no one way into the fitness industry, but the above ideas will enable you to get started and eventually stand out.

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When most people think of healthcare and medical professions, the first careers that come to mind tend to be doctors and nurses. After all, these are professionals we all come into contact with on a regular basis. However, the healthcare sector is much more than just these two jobs, with hundreds of unique and fulfilling careers most people have never even heard of. Medicine and healthcare will always be in demand, making this one of the most reliable industries out there. If you are considering a medical career, here are five that you might have overlooked.

1. Dance Therapist

As made up as it sounds, dance therapy is a real treatment and one that has a major impact on the health and well-being of others, making it the perfect career for those passionate about medicine and dance alike. With some business know-how, you could even build your own facility offering healing services. This career does require a master’s degree and doesn’t pay as much as other masters-level jobs do, but it’s so rewarding most barely notice the difference.

2. Dosimetrist

Dosimetrists are practically unheard of, but they’re one of the most valuable jobs in the medical world. They specialize in radiation and work with oncologists to treat cancer patients using radiation therapy. It can take a long time to become a dosimetrist, and with the daily work with radioactive materials, the risks can be quite high. That being said, this is an incredibly lucrative position and is one that requires an incredibly special and passionate person to do it.

3. Cardiac Perfusionist

While most people have heard of heart surgeons, very few know of the cardiac perfusionists that assist them during surgery. These professionals operate the machines that pump blood into the heart while it is stopped during the operation. With the rise in heart surgeries, this vital career is becoming more and more in demand, making now the perfect time to rethink your professional life. This work does require a degree but offers excellent pay and relatively flexible hours.

4. Sonographer

Sonography is the perfect option for those wanting to work in the medical field but don’t want to go to medical school. These individuals use machines called ultrasounds to view joints, organs, and muscles, and spot potential injury or illness. With a qualified doctor and portable ultrasound machine for sale, you could even create your own mobile medical screening service. This career rarely requires a bachelor’s degree, but an associates degree and some training is necessary.

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5. Medical Transcription

Wanting to work in the medical world doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to work directly with patients. If this is the case for you, then a career as a medical transcriptionist might be the perfect solution. As a transcriptionist, you would need to listen to recordings of doctors and type what they say into reports and notes. This is a job that can be conducted in doctor’s offices and hospitals, but, thanks to the internet, you can work from home too, allowing flexible work days.

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5 Amazing Medical Careers You've Never Heard of - #Careers #medical #healthcare #careeradvice