Are You Perfectly Employed?

It’s a fact that more than half of all workers hate their jobs. Work doesn’t have to be miserable! With the right strategy, anyone can create a career that works for their specific wants and needs. We can show you how.

4 Ways to Stand Out at Work without Being a Brown-noser

Those who are most successful in their careers always have their endgame top of mind. For most people, the end game is becoming the boss, making big bucks, and retiring to a tropical paradise at an age young enough to enjoy it. Reaching your end game can be a problem, mainly because there aren’t many […]

3 Things You Can do this Summer to Pursue Your Dream Job

Summer is quickly fading—what strides have you made towards landing your dream job? Before the sun sets on the magnificent summer days, you should do something (anything!) to strengthen your chances of landing the job you want. Finding your dream job is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. You have to prepare for it. Visualize […]

5 Easy Exercises You Can Do from Your Desk

While cushy desk jobs may seem safer than construction work, they still pose risks to your health. Sitting all day is bad for the body on many levels. Lauren Hart of Dragonfly Athletics has graciously created a workout to help our readers stay in motion and out of pain, all without leaving our desks! Your […]

4 Medical Careers for Non-Doctors

If you want a career in healthcare, but don’t want to go to school for eight more years to be a doctor, or don’t like the idea of being a nurse, you have options. The medical field is huge, and it has jobs for just about every personality type. Here are a few options you […]

Be Productive while Healing from an Injury

You’re the kind of person who always likes to be busy. You’re highly productive. You are always on your feet doing this, that and the other. You never get behind with your work – you have the most amazing work drive. So being out of action due to an injury can feel like torture, especially […]

How to Fight Ageism in Your Workplace

Ageism is a real threat and something the older generation has to be keenly aware of in the workplace. Being surrounded by hungry colleagues is intimidating especially when their value is overstated. Look at the stats provided by Stack Overflow of industries including the companies located in Silicon  Valley, as well as banking and marketing. […]