What is your first thought when your alarm goes off on Monday morning?

Your boss asks you for a favor. What is your first thought?

It's a Labor Day Weekend! What are your weekend plans?

How many hours did you work last week?

How do you feel about your co-workers?

How do you feel about your boss?

What piece of advice would you give a newbie at your workplace?

Your benefits include:

Are You Ready to Quit Your Job?
Take this job and shove it!

You've had enough and you are ready to leave your job and do something—anything—else. Your job is a serious stressor, and it will take a toll on your health if you don't take action quickly. Let your network know that you need another job quickly! In your case, you may want to quit and then make finding a new job your full-time job. If you have a couple months' worth of expenses saved, or if you can move in with a friend for a couple months to cut expenses, take the plunge. Don't forget to quit with class!
Hang in there—but start looking for a new job.

There's no doubt that your job sucks, but it's not to the breaking point yet. You have time to think through your exit strategy. Start looking at job listings, polish your resume, and let your network know you're actively seeking other offers. Play your cool in the office until you have a solid offer on the table.
Stay Put. It's not that bad.

All things considered, your job isn't that bad. But, you're taking a quiz called, "Are you ready to quit your job?", so you're definitely feeling the need to check your options. Talk to people in your network and redo your resume, but don't jump ship until the perfect offer lands on your desk.

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