Our Summer FabFitFun box arrived last week, and we have to say, it’s intriguing and not what we expected, at all!

If you’re not sure if FabFitFun is right for you, we hear you. We didn’t think it would be right for us either. We are huge skeptics. But, I found a good coupon code when scrolling through Pinterest last month, so I figured at the very least I could give our readers and honest review of the product. After all, their ads are EVERYWHERE!

Here’s what Jarell and I think about FabFitFun:

Try FabFitFun even if You Hate Makeup

I have a confession: I hate wearing makeup. Jarell does too. However, makeup is expected in most office environments, and we always want to look our best when we meet potential clients. So, we grudgingly paint our faces, curl our hair, and smile brightly. It’s what you do.

If you’re like us and putting on makeup is drudgery, more than likely you don’t shop for makeup and try new things like you should. I’m guilty as charged. I would still be wearing the same mascara that my grandmother taught me to wear in the 90s if L’Oreal hadn’t discontinued it (LashOut, by the way. Are you listening L’Oreal?).

That’s wear FabFitFun is brilliant—it made me try new things. That’s where it can help you most.

If you aren’t already a subscriber, we highly suggest you sign up now. Use coupon code HEATWAVE to save $10 on your first box.

What’s in the Box?

When the FabFitFun box arrived, it was too big to fit in my post office box—I live in a rinky-dink town where the Pony Express won’t even venture—so I had to wait until the post office opened the next day to pick up my box. I was surprised by it’s size—it was huge!

The outside of the box is colorful and pretty. I’m extremely allergic to perfumes, so I was scared to open it in the car. It’s a good thing, too, because one of the lotions in the box was very potent! My mother-in-law absolutely loved it, though, and reports that it helps her muscles tremendously.

The box is beautifully packed. It feels luxurious when you open it.

Our favorite item in the box is this fantastic, huge beach towel that is super-soft and repels sand. I want to buy several more so we all have them for the beach. My daughter, Elle of CorruptedCrafts.com, claimed this one. We love that it wraps all the way around your body when you come out of the water! We tested it at Rainbow Springs last week and it is definitely our favorite thing from this month’s FabFitFun box.

The box also had a weird exercise pulley thing that my mother-in-law loves. She is trying to build upper body strength following heart surgery, so it’s perfect for her.

Since it’s summer, our box had sunscreen and hair protectant, too. I enjoyed the hair protectant—it left my hair soft and shiny. We all loved the ring dish from Pier 1! It’s pretty and very functional.

The contour kit from Tarte is great if you want to try contouring. It is a great palette for experimentation, and even came with instructions.

Finally, the most intriguing thing in the box is the Foreo Fofo. It’s a sonic face cleaner that connects by Bluetooth to your phone to tell you all the things that are wrong with your skin and how you can correct them. We thought it was super weird, but a neat way to use technology!

The Verdict: We Love FabFitFun!

I’m happy to report that we thoroughly enjoyed our first box—enough to become a #fabfitfunpartner so we can share the fun with you. It’s definitely worth trying it at the $39.95 first-box price (coupon code: HEATWAVE).

Here’s a peek at what’s inside the Summer “Editor’s Box”:

We’ll let you know what we get in our next box, and would love to hear what you get in yours, too!! It’s amazing how fun it still is to get things in the mail.

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We Tried FabFitFun even though we HATE Makeup - Here's our honest review! #fabfitfun #beauty #review

Disclaimer: FabFitFun did not sponsor our box or this post; we bought our box with a coupon code we found on Pinterest. However, after receiving the box and realizing how fun it is to try the stuff in it, we decided to join FabFitFun’s partnership program, which means if you decide to join FabFitFun through a link in this post, we receive a couple of bucks.