what to wear to work on valentine's day

We are under a lot of pressure these days. We have to thrive in the office, keep up with the house work, buy groceries, and somehow, someway, look romantic and lovely for Valentine’s Day—which falls on a weekday this year.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you have to make a quick change between the office and meeting your Valentine’s Date, the best thing to do is to wear your date-night dress to work. Yes, we are serious. Unless you’re wearing a skin-tight mini, or a flashy sequin get-up, it’s entirely possible.

Cover Your Shoulders with a Blazer or Sweater

Most likely, your date dress for Valentine’s Day is either red, pink, or black. To wear your dress to the office, start by choosing a neutral colored blazer or sweater. Either works. Look for grey, off-white, or black selections. When it’s time for your date, you simply slip off your top to reveal your dress.

Strategize Your Neck Accessories

Next, you need a neck accessory. If your dress is particularly low-cut, you can best hide the extra cleavage until it’s time for your date with a strategically tied silky scarf. Simply untie the scarf and let it flow for your date. It will give you a professional look during the day, and a whimsical, romantic look for your date.

If your neckline is more office-friendly, wear your pearls or a necklace in a contrasting color to your dress. If your necklace feels too “office” for a date, stash a more blingy one in your purse to change after work.

Wear Sensible Shoes to the Office, but Stash Your Heels for Date Night

Finally, this is the day to wear flats to the office. Stash your heels for your date, but wear a sensible shoe that tones-down the night-time look of your date-night dress.

Keep in mind that there are several ways to wear your favorite date-night dress to work. Dig through your closet and you are sure to find exactly what you need. Now breathe—you have one less thing to worry about on Valentine’s Day!