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We recognize that our readers are all in different places in their careers, and we try to honor that by covering a variety of career-related topics. Some of our readers just want to find a “for now” job that will serve as a stepping-stone to greater things. Many of our readers are college students who need help learning to network and crafting their first resume. Another huge part of our audience is at a turning point in their career and not sure how to make a change towards finding a career that will make them happy.

Your career path is rarely a straight line. It’s easy to get lost and forget what makes you happy. We are here to help you when burn out strikes.

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We also realize that in today’s economy, everyone needs ways to make a bit of extra money on the side, so we write about side hustles and how to use skills you already have to make extra money. We show you how to use your side hustle as yet another stepping stone in your career path. 

If you’ve had enough of working for “the man,” you may be considering starting your own business. We love that idea! We can help you find the confidence and resources to follow your bliss on your own.

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No matter where you are in your career, we are here to help you. If you need anonymous advice, use our “Ask HR” form to send us a question anonymously. We answer our reader’s questions in our “Ask HR” posts all the time.

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Katie Evans

Katie crafted the career of her dreams in a zig-zag line, but you’d never guess it from her streamlined resume! Katie has worked in huge, international corporations as well as small businesses. She has managed instructional design teams for a college and a major textbook publisher. She knows the tricks to land the job you want because she’s done it for herself, her students, and her colleagues!

Katie started her career as a K-12 private school teacher, then made her way as a game designer, web developer, and international writer. She then finished her first master’s degree and became a college professor. Three master’s degrees later, Katie has merged her education, tech, and writing skills to become an award-winning instructional designer, with three Catalyst Exemplary Course Awards and two Brandon Hall awards.

Katie is the mother of a teenage daughter and seven poodles. She homeschools her daughter and, together with Jarell Fox, she runs Orlando-based instructional design firm, Escape the Classroom.

Jarell Fox

Jarell is a tech-savvy, award-winning instructional designer who started her career as a computer science tutor for a local state college. She quickly moved up in ranks to a junior instructional designer and then full instructional designer within two years.

These days, Jarell balances running her own instructional design business while homeschooling her twin boys. She has three Catalyst Exemplary Course Awards for her course designs, and continues to push the boundaries of instructional technology.

Jarell is the go-to career expert for her colleagues, friends, and family. She shows everyone how to craft resumes specific for the job to which they’re applying. She knows how to craft a cover letter that will land an interview, and always has an idea on how to improve your networking game.