Are You Perfectly Employed?

It’s a fact that more than half of all workers hate their jobs. Work doesn’t have to be miserable! With the right strategy, anyone can create a career that works for their specific wants and needs. We can show you how.

Know the Markets for Careers in Trading

Many of us consider careers in trading. After all, this is an extremely lucrative area that provides brilliant opportunities to make significant sums of money. However, when we start our journey towards a career in trading, we tend to focus on who we want to trade for. We look at the roles that different hedge […]

Prepare to Find a Job in a Foreign Country

If you have dreams of working abroad, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Before you start packing your bags, you need to get your job application materials in order. You’ll do best in your oversea career journey if you have interviews scheduled before you get there, or better yet, you already […]

Demand Consistency from Your Boss

If there’s one thing you change about your working life, it should be to realize you’re not involuntarily working. You have chosen to make a decision and work for someone. Maybe the job was perfect for your career path, maybe it was the financial incentive offered, or maybe it was simply that you needed a […]

3 Industries Where Technology Changes Everyday

If there’s one thing that most of us can agree on, it’s the fact that the modern world, and the modern business world, in particular, has been almost entirely dominated by technology. However, one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make when they look at the world of work is that they […]

9 Things You Must Do to Be Hirable

Jarell and I were invited to participate in a career fair for college students in California last week. We were asked to create a 2-minute video explaining something about careers. Do you know how hard it is to explain something as complicated as careers in two minutes? Let me tell you: It’s very hard! As […]

4 Ways Senior Employees can Stay Relevant in the Job Market

When senior employees lose their jobs, the struggle they face to find a new position is very real. There is, unfortunately, a form of age discrimination that can affect their chances to land an exciting role. It is difficult for people over 45 and 50 to convince an employer that they are the right person […]