This is a list of products and services we use and like. Some links on this page may be affiliate links, which means we may receive a couple bucks if you click a link and try a service we recommend. Rest assured we do not recommend any service we haven’t tried. We are very opinionated, and will gladly tell you the pros and cons of any product or service!

We update this list regularly, so check back soon!

The Best Place to Find a Job

We highly recommend Zip Recruiter for your job search. We like their streamlined application process, and you can sign up for our job alerts easily. Try searching for a job right now:

Career and Personality Tests

If you’re not sure what kind of job is the best fit for you, try Career Fitter’s Career and Personality Test, or read our Career Fitter review. 

Places to Start a Quick Side Hustle

If you’re looking to make extra money, here are a few places where we’ve seen immediate (or next to it) results:


Blogging Tools We Use and Love

We are often asked, “how do you do that?” by other bloggers. Well, nothing we do is magic—we just know how to find a tool to do whatever it is we need. 


Blog Hosting

InMotion Hosting is our host. We love InMotion, and it is, by far better than the host the other bloggers are trying to sell you (**cough** BlueHost). InMotion is super easy to use, has walkthroughs for absolutely anything you want to do, and their customer service is phenomenal! They have over 99% uptime and fast servers, too. 


Blogging Courses

We don’t know everything, so we take blogging courses all the time. These are the best we’ve found so far:


WordPress Plugins

There is a plugin for absolutely anything. Here are a few of our favorites:


Stock Art and Video Clips

We aren’t photographers, so we rely on good, inexpensive stock art. Our favorites are:


Graphic Tools

We are actively working to improve our graphic skills. Most other bloggers recommend Canva, but we hated it. Our tools are:


Video-Making Tools

Since we are educators, most of the tools we knew for video editing were marketed to our specific niche and didn’t have the chops to do what we needed to do once we started blogging. So, we are now using these:


Social Media Tools

Social media is one of the hardest things for us, so we are constantly looking for better tools to streamline our approach and amplify our results. Here’s what we’re using currently:

Clothing We Actually Wear

We are very picky about our clothing, and we are major bargain hunters. This is a list of our favorite online places to shop for work clothes. We also shop at Ross and TJMaxx, but their online shopping isn’t great. We are not affiliates for any of these shops. We just love to shop there:

Teacher Interview Outfit

Beauty Tools We Use

We subscribe to two beauty subscription services. We’ve tried others, but these are the only two that were worth our time and didn’t cost a fortune:

Our Summer 2018 FabFitFun Box

We loved the Summer & Rose Towel!!

Helpful Articles

We are absolute nerds when it comes to information. Here are a few things we’ve found informative:

Check back for more resources!