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If you have hair that is shoulder length or longer, you probably spend a lot of time in the early morning hours trying to figure out a hairstyle for work. You want to look polished and sophisticated—not like you just rolled out of bed.

The biggest hair hack we’ve learned is to have an arsenal of easy updos that we can do in a few minutes right before we run out the door. We’re sharing a few of our favorite work hairstyle tutorials to help make your mornings a little easier. Maybe you can even hit the snooze button one more time tomorrow morning!

To set yourself up for successful, last-minute updos, you will need to stock your bathroom with bobby pins, dry shampoo (this one from Redken is my favorite), hair spray (you can’t go wrong with Big Sexy’s Spray and Play!), and elastic ponytail holders.

1. The Freckled Fox’s 10 Second Top-Knot

Freckled Fox's 10-second top knot

We love the Freckled Fox’s hair tutorials, and this one is a major time saver. In just a few seconds, you can have a messy bun that looks like you spent half an hour making sure every hair is perfectly in place!

If you like this tutorial, check out her other hair tutorials on her hair page. She has several tutorials on YouTube, too. Here are a few of our favorites:

2. Awesome Hairstyles’ Easy French Twist

French Twist from Awesome Hairstyles

This French twist looks like you just left the salon! It’s the perfect high-professional hairstyle for a job interview or meeting with high-end clients.

Awesome Hairstyles has several other video tutorials, like this Two-Minute Top Knot and this Under a Minute Bubble Bun.

3. The Small Things Blog’s Easier-than-it-Looks Updo

Kate from The Small Things Blog does a fun, volumized updo in about five minutes in this video tutorial. It’s a nice non-bun that looks like it took hours!

Kate’s blog is full of helpful beauty tutorials. We love this two-step bun!

4. Alex Gaboury’s Redken-Inspired Updo

Alex Gaboury does a great job in this walkthrough for a super-simple, effortless-looking updo. She has a collection of how-to videos, so you’re sure to find something that works for your hair length. We really like her Easy Ponytail blog post (#hairgoals!).

5. Mikaela Smith’s 5-minute Messy Bun

Messy buns are the go-to hairstyle for mornings when we’re running late. Mikaela walks through how to make this big, messy bun in less than five minutes!

6. Annie’s Forget Me Knots’ No Bobby Pin Bun

If all you have is a ponytail holder and you need to look chic quickly, Annie’s messy bun will save the day. This is seriously one of the easiest buns we’ve seen!

Annie also suggests usingclear eyebrow gelto smooth flyaways. Who knew!

Annie has several tutorial videos on YouTube. If you’re feeling the need to “let it go,” try her Elsa-inspired Big French Braid tutorial. Her instagram is full of photos of her family rocking beautiful hairstyles.

We will makeover your resume for just $49!

7 and 8. Brianna Fox’s 2-Way Messy Bun

Brianna’s messy bun tutorial gives you two different looks in a matter of seconds! She claims she sleeps in it, gets up the next morning, and makes it again. It’s the epitome of lazy-girl chic.

Do you have a go-to easy hairstyle that’s perfect for the office? If so, please share in the comments below!

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8 Chic and Easy Updos so You can Get to Work on Time

Your little black dress is the perfect blank canvas for dressing for pretty much any occasion. If you have an LBD that fits you well and has a decently modest neckline and hemline, you can rock that dress at work with the right accessories.

Pair your LBD with a Colorful Blazer and Scarf

The most professional way to wear your little black dress at the office is to pair it with a blazer in any color but black and a silky scarf. If the neckline of your LBD shows too much cleavage for the workplace, wear a cami under it. The scarf should hide whatever your cami doesn’t, and it’s a feminine, yet professional, accessory.

Wear Your Little Black Dress to Work (without looking stupid)

Finish the look with black pumps and simple, stud earrings.

Rock your LBD with a Pretty Cardigan and Pearls

You can also pair your little black dress with your favorite cardigan. Remember, we don’t wear black on black, so choose a flattering color that works with your skin tone. Our example shows a pastel purple cardigan that works well in the spring and summer.

How to Wear Your LBD to Work

Since cardigans aren’t quite as dressy as blazers, wear your pearls to make it feel more polished. If you have a “statement” pearl necklace, like the one in our example, it can bring a modern feel to this otherwise classic outfit. Top it off with sensible heels, like these T-strap pumps.

Impress Your Boss with Your LBD and a Wrap Top

To wear your LBD with a blouse, look for a blouse that has fit and shape all its own, like a wrap top or a peplum blouse. In our example, we’ve chosen a light blue wrap top.

Wear Your Little Black Dress to Work with a Wrap Top and Flats

Since the wrap top acts as the “pop” in this outfit, pair it with a classic pendant and matching earrings. You can also carry a colorful tote to add further interest to the outfit.

Rules for Wearing your LBD at Work


Here are the rules to follow when wearing your little black dress to work:

  • Make sure your hemline falls at or below your knee.
  • Skin-tight LBDs are always inappropriate at the office (and in general if you are over 25).
  • If your dress shows cleavage, wear a cami under it.
  • Choose a colorful blazer, cami, or wrap top to wear over your dress. Any color will do—just not black.
  • Keep your accessories classic and professional. Choose a silky scarf, a pearl necklace, or a simple earring and pendant combo.
  • Any black pump or flat will do, but avoid patent leather—it’s too “night time” for the office.

what to wear to work on valentine's day

We are under a lot of pressure these days. We have to thrive in the office, keep up with the house work, buy groceries, and somehow, someway, look romantic and lovely for Valentine’s Day—which falls on a weekday this year.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you have to make a quick change between the office and meeting your Valentine’s Date, the best thing to do is to wear your date-night dress to work. Yes, we are serious. Unless you’re wearing a skin-tight mini, or a flashy sequin get-up, it’s entirely possible.

Cover Your Shoulders with a Blazer or Sweater

Most likely, your date dress for Valentine’s Day is either red, pink, or black. To wear your dress to the office, start by choosing a neutral colored blazer or sweater. Either works. Look for grey, off-white, or black selections. When it’s time for your date, you simply slip off your top to reveal your dress.

Strategize Your Neck Accessories

Next, you need a neck accessory. If your dress is particularly low-cut, you can best hide the extra cleavage until it’s time for your date with a strategically tied silky scarf. Simply untie the scarf and let it flow for your date. It will give you a professional look during the day, and a whimsical, romantic look for your date.

If your neckline is more office-friendly, wear your pearls or a necklace in a contrasting color to your dress. If your necklace feels too “office” for a date, stash a more blingy one in your purse to change after work.

Wear Sensible Shoes to the Office, but Stash Your Heels for Date Night

Finally, this is the day to wear flats to the office. Stash your heels for your date, but wear a sensible shoe that tones-down the night-time look of your date-night dress.

Keep in mind that there are several ways to wear your favorite date-night dress to work. Dig through your closet and you are sure to find exactly what you need. Now breathe—you have one less thing to worry about on Valentine’s Day!

Wear a tunic to work

A tunic can be a very flattering wardrobe staple. It covers everything most women worry about covering, yet it is short enough to create a proportional figure when paired with the right leggings or pants. You can wear your favorite tunic at work with just a few accessory tweaks.

Tunics are Not Dresses

As we were shopping in Target last night, we saw a great many tunics on the display mannequins. It was disturbing to see the visual merchandisers had not seen fit to add pants to their displays! Ladies, you can never, ever wear your tunics without something covering your legs. It’s not a dress; it’s not even a mini skirt. It’s a long shirt.

Most tunics do cover your bum, but let’s be real: one gust of wind or dropped pencil and the whole world will see your business. It’s not lady like, and it’s definitely not professional. Cover your legs!

Pair Your Tunic with Slacks and a Belt

If you have a pretty patterned tunic, pair it with an belt to give you a nice, defined waistline. You can wear your tunic with straight-leg slacks or even skinny pants.

Wear Your Tunic to the Office


 Keep your jewelry simple if your tunic is has a brightly colored pattern. When wearing a tunic with slacks, go for a shoe with a bit of heel. 

Pair Your Tunic with Leggings and Flats

If you have a more structured tunic, which basically looks like a dress but too short, pair it with leggings, flats and classic jewelry.

Wear Your Tunic to the Office with Flats and Leggings


Pair Your Tunic with Ankle Boots and a Statement Necklace

One of our favorite looks is to wear a solid-colored tunic with leggings and a statement necklace. Statement necklaces aren’t for every outfit. You shouldn’t wear them with bright patterned tops. Instead, let them be your “pop” of excitement in an otherwise calm-looking outfit.

Wear Your Tunic to the Office with Boots and a Statement Necklace


Here, we’ve added classic (but small) hoop earrings and cute ankle boots.

Rules for Wearing a Tunic to the Office

Your tunic can look professional and polished, but you have to follow a few simple rules:

  • Your tunic must cover your bum. No exceptions. No excuses. CYA!
  • You must cover your legs with either leggings or slacks.
  • Do not wear a tunic with boot cut pants. Ever.
  • Avoid wacky patterns, like 60’s tie-dye or pink cheetah

Wear a tunic to work

You’ve done the work and landed an interview for a great job. You’ve been reading our blog, and know what you should wear to the interview. There’s just one problem: You’re broke. You need a cheap job interview outfit!

If you haven’t noticed, most of the outfits we put together for this blog cost around $80-100, with no single piece over $50, but if you’ve been out of work for any amount of time, that can seem like an insane amount of money. However, if you can scrape together $30, you can still put together a professional outfit that makes you look like a million dollars.

Where to Find a Cheap Job Interview Outfit

Online sites like Zulilly and even Groupon have inexpensive clothes too, but you can expect to wait two weeks for your clothes to arrive. Most of the time, you’ll have to plan ahead if you want to shop online.

If you need an interview outfit quickly, start by visiting local thrift stores. Not all thrift stores are created equally, so do a little research and find better neighborhoods that have thrift stores with good online reviews. One trick we use is to search for Barnes and Noble, and then look for thrift stores near there. Most of the time, Barnes and Noble is located in a nice part of town, so thrift stores near it should have nice clothing too.

Job Interview Clothing Trip Report: Goodwill

We made a quick stop at the Goodwill in Ocala, Florida today while waiting on Chipotle to finish our online order. The store is filled with clothes! The dress section had a lot of potential outfit pieces, but the best outfit we found was on a mannequin near the dressing room.

Cheap Job Interview Outfit from Goodwill

The employees put together this professional outfit with a skirt suit, undershirt and necklace for around $20.

Over in the shoe section, we found several pairs of black pumps that would easily pair with most any interview outfit, all for less than $7. One pair in the picture has an original price tag of $19.99, but the Goodwill price tag on the bottom of the shoe read $5.99.

Cheap job interview outfit shoes at Goodwill for $7

We found a cute pair of pinstripe dress pants on the end cap of the pants aisle. They were priced at less than $7.

The One Piece of Clothing You Must Buy

When you aren’t sure what to wear to an interview, a blazer is always a good choice. You can pair it with a dress, skirt and blouse, or even slacks and a blouse, and immediately, you look more professional. Likely, you have something in your closet you could wear to the interview if you paired it with a blazer. So, if you can only buy one thing for your interview, it should be a blazer.

The Ocala Goodwill has two large racks full of blazers in all sizes. When looking for blazers, we look for fit first. Avoid the boxy 80’s “Working Girl” blazers with stiff shoulder pads in favor of feminine princess seams and buttons in the right places. These were our favorites because of the flattering cuts and lengths. All were less than $8.

Cheap job interview outfit blazers at Goodwill for 7 dollars

If you find a blazer that fits in most places, but is a little baggy in other places, wear a belt over it.

Rules for Finding a Cheap Job Interview Outfit

The key to finding a job interview outfit quickly at a thrift store is to know what to look for and to remain open minded. Here are a few rules to keep you focused:

  • Try on everything. No exceptions.
  • Focus on the dress section first. You can get more outfit for your dollar by pairing a dress with a blazer.
  • If you can only afford one piece, buy a blazer.
  • Don’t forget to look at accessories. If you have something in your closet that will mostly work, you can add a scarf or necklace for a few dollars to polish the look.

Of course, everything you buy at a thrift store should be washed, dried, and ironed before you wear it to a job interview. No one likes ironing, but it’s an important step in making a good first impression.

What to Wear to a Teacher Job Interview - #whattowear #jobinterview #career #careeradvice #teacher

You’ve landed a teacher job interview at the school of your dreams. Congratulations! Now, what are you going to wear? Remember, the people interviewing you are looking at more than your shiny college degree and your resume. They want to know they can trust you with their students…and their students’ parents.

You have several outfit options that will work for this interview. The goal is dress in a way that shows you’re fun, but also serious. You have to find a balance between professional and approachable. You can’t just wear black and call it a day.

Impress the Principal with a Colorful, Long-Sleeved Dress

Color is important for any outfit for a teacher job interview. One outfit that could work for this interview is a dress in a jewel-tone color like dark green or dark blue. Long sleeves always look more professional than short sleeves, so if you can find a long-sleeved dress, go for it.

In this example, we are pairing a dark green dress with a fun pearl necklace. Nude pumps with a low heel are not only comfortable, but elongate the line of your leg and make you look taller and more elegant.


Notice that the neckline on this dress is conservative—it hides cleavage—but the shape of the dress shows off your figure in a flattering, feminine way. The hemline of this dress falls just below the knee. Look for dresses that flow at or just below knee level for the most flattering silhouette.

Be Memorable and Approachable in a Sleeveless Dress and Wrap Sweater

If you have a cute (but sleeveless) dress already in your closet, you can pair it with a wrap or ballet-style sweater for an approachable look.

In this outfit example, we found a navy blue dress with a feminine shape, and paired it with an off-white wrap sweater. Red shoes and dangly pearl earrings complete the look with a pop of color and a classic, polished accessory.

A Skirt and Blazer Raise You to the Top of the Class

If you like wearing separates, find a colorful blazer that fits you well, and pair it with a neutral-colored skirt and a lacy camisole.

If You Hate Dresses, Wear a Slacks and a Blazer

You don’t have to wear a dress to a teacher job interview. If you want to wear slacks, pair them with a blazer and a colorful camisole or blouse. Always wear a shoe with a bit of a heel. Flats make you look “flat” when you wear them with slacks.


This example outfit pairs grey slacks with a black, fitted blazer and a red camisole. Black pearls and a low-heeled Mary Jane pump polish off the look.


Rules for Teacher Interview Outfits

When you’re picking out your teacher interview outfit, follow these rules:

  • Feature color prominently either with a colorful dress or blazer.
  • Wear classic accessories like pearl necklaces and earrings.
  • Keep your necklines conservative.
  • Hemlines should fall at or just below your knee.
  • Fit is king. Make sure everything you wear fits you well. If it doesn’t, your dry cleaner has a tailor who can make alterations inexpensively (usually for less than $15).

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What to Wear to a Teacher Job Interview - #whattowear #jobinterview #career #careeradvice #teacher

While you absolutely shouldn’t consider wearing jeans to a job interview (in most cases), on casual Friday, you can absolutely wear jeans to work. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to wear jeans on casual Friday.

Wear Jeans on Casual Friday—but Not Jeans with Holes!

First, you cannot, under any circumstances, wear jeans with holes or rips. Sure, they’re fashion-forward, but they also look sloppy. You can be hip and cool on the weekend, for the office, keep it safe and classy.

While we are on this topic, be sure your jeans aren’t stained or discolored in any way. You always want to look put together and polished at the office, even on casual Friday.

Stick to Dark Wash Jeans on Casual Friday

Your jeans should be a dark wash. Lighter washes look too casual, and often show stains and discoloration. Buy the darkest jeans possible, but do skip the black denim. It’s just weird.

Your Jeans Must Fit

No matter what your body size or shape, if you are going to wear jeans to work on casual Friday, your jeans must fit your body. Too relaxed and they look sloppy. Too tight and you look like a hoochie or a gigolo—not the right message for the office.

Here’s a secret: No one cares what brand your jeans are. Cheap jeans that fit you properly always look more expensive than fancy brand name jeans that don’t fit. Always choose fit over brand.

No T-Shirts Allowed with Jeans at the Office

You must pair your jeans with a dressy shirt or blouse, dressy shoes, and dressy accessories. A t-shirt doesn’t cut it here. Since your jeans are casual, the rest of your outfit can’t be.

Look for tops in bold colors so they stand in contrast to the blue of your jeans. Look for statement accessories, and don’t be afraid to have fun with them. Casual Friday is a good time to experiment with statement necklaces and dangly earrings.

Jeans on Casual Friday for Guys

In this example of a casual Friday jeans outfit for guys, we’ve paired a dark-wash jean with a red button-up shirt and dark brown loafers. Nothing in our example costs more than $50 (and no, none of these pieces are affiliate links), and there’s a good chance you already have presentable jeans in your closet, and hopefully brown loafers, too.

Men should wear jeans with a button up shirt and loafers on casual Friday.

Jeans on Casual Friday for Ladies

A casual Friday outfit for ladies should include a pretty blouse and memorable accessories. In this example, we’ve paired a dark wash, straight-leg jean with a teal wrap top and a matching statement necklace. Flats in the same color family finish the look.

Wear Jeans on Casual Friday with a pretty statement necklace

More Jeans Examples for Casual Friday

Here are two more jean outfit examples.

On casual Friday, guys should wear a button-up shirt if they choose to wear jeansLadies should always wear a blouse with jeans on casual Friday

Follow this Pattern and Rock Your Jeans!

Do you see the trend yet? It’s an easy pattern to follow: Dark wash jeans, dressy top, matching belt and shoes for men, statement necklace and dressy flats or boots for women. It’s easy—and everyone will think you’re polished and professional, even in jeans.

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How to Wear Jeans to the Office on Casual Friday - #whattowear #jeans #denim #casualfriday #career 

The interview scheduler says the interview is going to be “casual.” She says they are looking forward to meeting you, and want to learn more about your work and goals. You’re pumped! Now you ask yourself the hard question: What am I going to wear? Can I wear jeans to a job interview?

Can I Wear Jeans to a “Casual” Interview?

Your first instinct may be that “casual” means you can wear jeans to the interview. You are wrong.

For a “casual” interview, the interviewer expects you to show up dressed professionally, but not in a full suit. For gentlemen, this means dress slacks and a long-sleeved shirt. You don’t need a jacket of any sort, but do wear an undershirt. In fact, always wear the undershirt. Wear a tie, but if you get to the office and no one else has on a tie, it’s ok to take it off in the Men’s room and stash it in your briefcase.

Casual Interview for Guys - Don't Wear Jeans to a Job Interview - #whattowear #mensfashion #career #jobinterview

For ladies, “casual” is a little trickier. You can never go wrong with a wrap dress and low heels or ballet flats. If you show your legs, wear hose or tights unless you have a killer tan. 

Casual Interview Outfit for Ladies - Don't Wear Jeans to a Job Interview #jobinterview #career #careeradvice #fashion

Dress slacks with a pretty blouse also works.  Keep your accessories classy. Stick to pearls or simple metals. Save the big bling for later. 

Very Casual Slacks outfit - Don't Wear Jeans to a Job Interview #career #careeradvice #jobinterview #fashion

Can I Wear Jeans to an Interview at a Café?

You see everything at a café, from Armani suits to PJ bottoms. The world’s population drags themselves in all states of dress to pray at the caffeine altar. However, you have an impression to make, and that impression can’t be “I just rolled out of bed and came to this meeting.”

If meeting at a café for an interview, follow the rules of professional dress unless you know the interviewer personally and have an idea of what he or she may be wearing. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. So, gents wear the tie, and ladies bring on the heels. No jeans allowed.

Can I Wear Jeans to a Last-Minute Interview?

Mr. Grey’s secretary says he absolutely must see you today! Certainly your jeans are fine, since it’s last minute and all? Nope. Don’t even think about it.

Even when an interview is last minute, you must look professional. If you don’t have time to go home, stop by TJ Maxx or Ross and grab a low-cost outfit. For less than $50, you can look appropriate.

Can I Wear Jeans to a Low-Paying Job Interview?

We all take on low-paying jobs to make ends meet while looking for the “dream” job or paying our college tuition. There’s honor in all work. If you show up to a low-paying job interview in jeans, you are showing the interviewer you aren’t taking the job seriously.

For McJobs, follow the rules of casual interview attire. Closed-toed shoes are a must for these interviews. Skip the strappy sandals.

Can I Wear Jeans to an Internship Interview?

Finding a good internship is tough. When you do finally land an interview, you have to show your potential employer that you’re ready to adult. You are ready to follow the conventions of the employed world by looking the part of a paid employee. No, this is the last place you want to wear jeans!

No matter where you are interviewing for an internship, dress professionally.

Is There Ever a Time I Can Wear Jeans to a Job Interview?

Believe it or not, there are two times when it’s appropriate to wear jeans to a job interview. First, if the interviewer specifically tells you to wear jeans. This is common on construction sites and even in the film industry. But, even in these industries, don’t assume jeans are OK. If not specifically told to wear jeans, follow the “casual” rules.

The other time it’s ok to wear jeans to a job interview is it’s a virtual interview. Still wear a dress shirt or blouse and a blazer. You want to look professional, but no one can see your jeans anyway.

And, for the love of all that is sacred, never dream of wearing jeans with holes or rips in front of your employer!

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Can I Wear Jeans to a Job Interview? No. You can't. #whattowear #jobinterview #career #careeradvice