Your little black dress is the perfect blank canvas for dressing for pretty much any occasion. If you have an LBD that fits you well and has a decently modest neckline and hemline, you can rock that dress at work with the right accessories.

Pair your LBD with a Colorful Blazer and Scarf

The most professional way to wear your little black dress at the office is to pair it with a blazer in any color but black and a silky scarf. If the neckline of your LBD shows too much cleavage for the workplace, wear a cami under it. The scarf should hide whatever your cami doesn’t, and it’s a feminine, yet professional, accessory.

Wear Your Little Black Dress to Work (without looking stupid)

Finish the look with black pumps and simple, stud earrings.

Rock your LBD with a Pretty Cardigan and Pearls

You can also pair your little black dress with your favorite cardigan. Remember, we don’t wear black on black, so choose a flattering color that works with your skin tone. Our example shows a pastel purple cardigan that works well in the spring and summer.

How to Wear Your LBD to Work

Since cardigans aren’t quite as dressy as blazers, wear your pearls to make it feel more polished. If you have a “statement” pearl necklace, like the one in our example, it can bring a modern feel to this otherwise classic outfit. Top it off with sensible heels, like these T-strap pumps.

Impress Your Boss with Your LBD and a Wrap Top

To wear your LBD with a blouse, look for a blouse that has fit and shape all its own, like a wrap top or a peplum blouse. In our example, we’ve chosen a light blue wrap top.

Wear Your Little Black Dress to Work with a Wrap Top and Flats

Since the wrap top acts as the “pop” in this outfit, pair it with a classic pendant and matching earrings. You can also carry a colorful tote to add further interest to the outfit.

Rules for Wearing your LBD at Work


Here are the rules to follow when wearing your little black dress to work:

  • Make sure your hemline falls at or below your knee.
  • Skin-tight LBDs are always inappropriate at the office (and in general if you are over 25).
  • If your dress shows cleavage, wear a cami under it.
  • Choose a colorful blazer, cami, or wrap top to wear over your dress. Any color will do—just not black.
  • Keep your accessories classic and professional. Choose a silky scarf, a pearl necklace, or a simple earring and pendant combo.
  • Any black pump or flat will do, but avoid patent leather—it’s too “night time” for the office.

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