Healthcare is one of the most popular industries in the world, due in no small part to how large the sector is in general. With seven billion people on the planet all requiring healthcare provision, it’s safe to say that the healthcare industry is a great choice if you’re looking for a job that’s “future proof.”

However, a lot of people faint at the sight of blood and get nauseous at the sight (and smell) of other bodily fluids. Luckily, there are plenty of jobs in healthcare that still have plenty of job stability yet never encounter the grossness that most people associate with the industry.

Here are three healthcare career choices that will make your mama proud, yet you never have to encounter blood and guts:

1. Practice Management

Practice managers are absolutely crucial to the overall smooth running of a clinic. The work is varied, busy, and diverse; some days you will be ordering supplies and choosing to visit Kemper Medical for more information on their range; other days will be more focused on the management of the clinic and creating schedules for the medical staff. You won’t interact with the general public much; instead, you’ll be in the background, organizing the practice to ensure that everything is working exactly as it should be.

2. Advertising and Marketing

Yes, even healthcare providers need advertising and marketing departments. You will be involved in promoting your place of work, hopefully to the benefit of new patients. Ultimately, a healthcare provider is only as good as their ability to generate custom; there’s little point having an outstanding health-related service if no one is able to benefit from it due to lack of awareness.

Alternatively, you could become involved in public health awareness, using your health and marketing skills to ensure the general public are aware of essential information that will benefit their well being and lives. Both sides of healthcare advertising and marketing are very rewarding, and could be an excellent choice for you. Public health campaigns can be a vital resource when it comes to educating the public; working in this sector would allow you to be involved in this important work.

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3. Medical Writing

Medical writing is a highly-technical field, and due to this, may be a suitable choice even for those who don’t feel they are “creative”. Medical writing doesn’t require creativity; it requires the ability to take dense information and turn it into something readable. You would work writing up a variety of different documents, including clinical trial results, regulatory documents, and more besides. A great choice if you have the ability to pick out pertinent information and turn highly specialized text into something more suitable to a general audience.

You don’t have to be a doctor, nurse, or technician to make healthcare your field of choice. By obtaining the skills to work in the occupations above, you are still able to find a home in the bustling healthcare sector, and should thus be able to protect your career prospects all the more.

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