If your career goal is to climb the corporate ladder, you can succeed easier than you think. A growing number of people have little interest in climbing the corporate ladder, and instead focus on work-life balance and lifestyle design. This leaves big opportunity for those who want to move up to management roles.

If you want to rule the corporate world, here’s a few tips to help you on your way up the ladder:

1. Show Up

‘Just showing up’ might sound simple, and that’s because it is. Woody Allen famously said, “80% of success is simply showing up.” What he means is that if you show up, you better your chances of being in the right place at the right time. You also increase your chances of having your work seen by the right people.

Showing up means don’t be the person that calls out to go to the movies. It also means being the person that goes to conferences, interviews, networking meetings, and any other extras. It means showing up early, and sometimes staying late. You can’t win the corporate game unless you are there. Show up!

2. Don’t Wait To Be Told

Follow-the-leader might get you out of the mailroom, but it won’t help you climb much further up the corporate ladder. Take the initiative by looking at what’s coming and preparing for it. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do—figure out your next step and start doing it immediately.

Is your boss going to need a sales update on Friday? Have it on her desk before she leaves on Thursday. Is your team running low on supplies? Fill out the order form and get it to purchasing, then CC your boss on the correspondence. Show that you’re not only a team player, but you’re a born leader who wants to succeed.

3. Don’t Complain and Don’t Gossip

Whatever you do, don’t put yourself in a situation where anyone can cast you in a negative light. That means not complaining at work. If you’re given a task you hate, remember the bigger picture: It’s a step toward your goal of climbing the corporate ladder. If you hate a coworker, treat the coworker with kindness and respect—be the bigger person. Your coworkers will respect you for it.

Never gossip at work. It’s not high school, and there’s no reward in it for anyone. Gossiping makes you look small minded and like you don’t have enough to do. Plus, in the right situation, it could get you fired.

4. Get A Coach Or A Mentor

Mentorship can be a very helpful tool for those who want to make their way up the career ladder. They can be your guide and help you to navigate the corporate landscape effectively. Make sure you do your research, and try to ensure that your coach or mentor has experience in your specific industry or niche so that they can give you appropriate advice.

Perfectly Employed offers career-coaching services too. Our coaching focuses on helping you construct a plan to reach your goals and figure out your next steps. We help people from all walks of life and in all industries.

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5. Earn Extra Credit

The best way to ensure your ladder-climbing success is to do more than your job description says. You can speak at conferences, write research reports, write for blogs in your industry—you name it. Work on crafting your personal brand and making a name for yourself in your industry.

When you take on extra tasks in your job, make sure your employer doesn’t take advantage of you. You can learn more about your employee rights by visiting HayberLawFirm.com. Take a look so you know where you stand.

6. Help Others

Some people think that they have to have a cut throat attitude to get to where they want to be, but what goes around comes around and that rarely brings with it the positive energy you need if you’re going to advance up the ladder. Instead, aim to help others. They will begin to see you as a leader and this can be very effective for you. Your colleagues won’t resent you when you get the promotion over them, either!

7. Be Willing To Do What Others Won’t

If you really want to get ahead at work, you need to make sure you’re willing to do the things that others aren’t. This will help you to stand out and you’ll be given the chance to further your career. Make sure you are willing to go the extra mile.

This may mean creating boring spreadsheets or working with a problematic client. Remember your end goal and power through it!

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8. Chat With Your Boss

Your boss is not a mind reader. You need to have discussions with your boss about your career goals. Your boss can help you reach your goals by giving you tasks that align with your aspirations, and recommending you when a superior position opens. Your boss can be a great ally in your climb up the corporate ladder, so whatever you do, don’t be afraid to let him know that you have your eye on the corner office!

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