9 Careers for People who Love to Travel

Travel broadens your mind and delights your senses. If you love to meet new people, try new things, and eat exotic food, a career that allows you to travel and make money too is a perfect fit for you.

You can find a career that allows you to travel more easily than you think. Believe it or not, most people prefer to take jobs that allow them to stay home most of the time, so jobs that require travel aren’t very popular—at least not in the corporate world. Here are nine career options for travel lovers:

1. Teach English Abroad

If you love teaching, you don’t have to stay in your local elementary and high school. You can train as an English teacher for foreign students and travel the world, hopping from one country to another. You will find schools that teach English as a foreign language in most foreign countries and even within the United States.

Popular destinations will invite you to a formal interview in the same way that you would in any other school. Schools in lesser-known destinations are happy to accept any teacher as long as you can show your certification. Some schools in China will allow you to teach with a bachelor’s degree in any subject, so even if you aren’t a career teacher, you can still find a job teaching English while you travel.

2. Au Pair

If you love taking care of young children, you can see the world as an au pair, or governess. Upper class parents in the United States and European countries hire college-educated young people to take care of their children. You will read stories, help with homework, plan field trips, make lunches, and become a huge influence in your charges’ lives.

Au Pairs accompany children on family vacations, too. So even if you land a gig in your dream travel destination, you will likely be able to see other exotic locales as well.

3. Pilot or Flight Instructor

Commercial and private pilots travel constantly. You need a pilot’s license and proper training, and then you’re all set for takeoff. On your days off, you can hop a flight to any destination you like—free of charge if there’s an empty seat.

If you’re dreaming of the jet-set life with your own yacht and plane, you might be interested in taking control of your destiny by becoming a certified flight instructor—you just have to meet the CFII requirements.

4. Flight Attendant

If you don’t want to take the trouble to learn to fly an entire plane, you can still see the world as a flight attendant. You’ll learn about air safety rules, and you’ll be in charge of keeping your passengers stocked with peanuts. You’ll help passengers put their luggage in the overhead compartments and serve sodas once the plane reaches cruising altitude. Meanwhile, you can travel anywhere you want on your days off!

5. Cruise Employee

If the flying in an airplane isn’t your thing, you could consider a career on a cruise ship. You will live on the ship, so your room and board is paid while you’re at sea. No matter what your education, cruise lines have a job that will suit your talents. You can be a photographer, activities director, steward, server, destination guide—you name it. You could even become a captain with enough sailing experience.

6. Travel Blogger or Writer

Travel blogs may not seem popular anymore, but in reality, bloggers who have embraced modern digital channels such as YouTube and Instagram have developed a broad audience base. Travel agencies and hotels are always looking for influential bloggers to promote their destinations and services. In short, if you can establish yourself as a popular vlogger and Instagramer, you might be able to land exciting projects.

7. Scientist

Scientific roles, like biologists and archaeologists, often travel for their research. For example, a marine biologist who works outdoors who isn’t attached to a zoo or a marine center) can spend several months at sea and along the coast of remote locations. Archaeologists spend several months on all sorts of excavation sites around the world. Of course, scientists spend a long time in college, and most have PhDs.

8. Motivational Speaker

If you love talking people, a career as a motivational speaker may be a worthwhile avenue for you. Motivational speakers travel from town to town, giving speeches at conferences and even church revivals. You don’t need any specific sort of education to be a motivational speaker, but you will need to create a following online or in your local community before you’re invited to speak anywhere else. Try joining your local Toastmasters group to practice your skills and make connections.

9. Corporate Sales Specialist

Most corporations have large sales teams that focus on finding clients. If you work in a sales team for a big enough corporation, you will be able to travel the world to meet new clients. Look for an international company, or one with offices in exotic locations.

What other jobs can you think of that allow you to travel while earning a paycheck?

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