If there’s one thing you change about your working life, it should be to realize you’re not involuntarily working. You have chosen to make a decision and work for someone. Maybe the job was perfect for your career path, maybe it was the financial incentive offered, or maybe it was simply that you needed a change in your life. The world owes you nothing, and you owe the world nothing either. This is actually a great awakening tactic you can use to stop being timid toward your boss. You’re both in the same boat, it’s just one of you that is steering it. It takes both of you to work together in order to make that boat go forward, onward onto new horizons. Just as you’re expected to pull your weight, be proficient, reliable, hard-working, honest and a whole raft of other things, you should want that from your boss too. Do not settle for someone that doesn’t live up to their end of the bargain. Here’s how you can demand more consistency from your higher-ups.

Pattern of Pay

The work you do for the company, should entail you the right to be paid for your services. However, when you sign a contract to work for the employer, this can be seen as a guarantor for being paid in a certain fashion according to those set by the owner. This could be weekly, every fortnight, or monthly. Specific situations such as sick pay and commission work is something a little bit more complex and usually needs to be worked out with your employer beforehand so things don’t get lost or mixed up. You should demand to be paid reliably on the same time every time you are owed payment.

To keep track of whether or not your employer is making consistent payments, you can create pay stubs that mark down the details of your pay. Your employer can also use this service to provide you with the evidence each time. It’s not uncommon for some companies to pay you a day or two, even more, late each time payment is owed. If this kind of practice is allowed to go on, you will find yourself waiting for your money more and more and thus chasing people up.

Fairness goes a long way

You’d be surprised at the shocking level of inconsistency that goes on in the workplace when it comes to being treated fairly in the professional sense. If someone is sick or doing something else, the work they are not doing will be offloaded onto someone else. If you’re the person that always has to pick up the slack, you should demand more consistency. Why is it always you? Talk with your immediate superior about this issue, and they might spread the work around more evenly. If you aren’t taken seriously or ignored, then you can always make a complaint with the HR department. It’s best to provide evidence so start taking notes of any unfair treatment you’re receiving.

If you showed up late for work more than a few times, you’d be hauled into the office to explain yourself. So why do employees allow companies to get away with being inconsistent when they would not be spared? Start demanding it.

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