If you are dreaming of becoming an accountant in the United Kingdom, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is probably the way to go. While you have other options, the ACCA offers a great deal of flexibility which it is hard to find in other certifications. Here are the top reasons to study ACCA in the UK:

ACCA Certification is Recognized Pretty Much Everywhere

If you love to travel, ACCA may be the right certification for you. As of 2019, ACCA has students in 179 countries. You can take what you learn in the UK and work in India, New Zealand and pretty much anywhere else. With 7,400 ACCA-approved employers, you should have no problem finding a job abroad.

ACCA has a Job Board Specifically for their Graduates

When choosing a course of study, one of the biggest factors in your decision should be how employable you will be when you graduate. ACCA is a good choice because they have a job board dedicated to matching qualified employers with ACCA-qualified accountants. Employers look specifically for ACCA graduates. You will be more likely to find an accounting job quickly with an ACCA certification.

It’s a Big Organization

ACCA has over 200,000 members, so you will have a big network of peers to help support your career goals. From finding a job to pursuing professional development, there are distinct advantages to having a large network of colleagues.

Big organizations like ACCA are also seen as leaders who inspire positive change. Since ACCA advises governments, organizations and regulators, you will be part of the people with the power to change the world of accounting and how accounting is perceived.

Get Trained on Your Own Schedule

ACCA’s training courses are designed to be taken at your own pace. Exams are held each quarter, and some can be taken on-demand. So, if you are trying to study, raise a family, and hold a job at the same time, you still have the opportunity to pursue ACCA training.

ACCA has a network of partners who lead training sessions in a variety of formats, including traditional classrooms and online environments. ACCA also has their own learning platform called ACCA-X.

It Can Lead to Bigger Degrees

If you decide to pursue higher education, Oxford Brookes University offers a BSc in Applied Accounting. For those who truly love accounting, you can pursue an MSc in Professional Accountancy at the University of London.

How to Make Your Decision

If you are stuck trying to figure out which accounting certification program to pursue, evaluate your options based on these factors:

  • Which program best fits your schedule?
  • Which program will offer you more job options upon graduation?
  • Which certification is recognized where you want to work?
  • Which program gives you the best value for your tuition investment?

You should choose the program that is best for you, but if you are looking to study and work in the UK, ACCA is definitely a good option.

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