It is by no means a stretch to say that many Americans right now are fearful for their future employment. Either the job role they hold is in question, or they have already become unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly finding yourself without work due to no fault of your own can be a stressful time. After all, bills still need to be paid.

But for some people, this could be the push they need to help them get the job they have always wanted or used this opportunity to retrain for a different career.


There are many different roles you can work in the healthcare industry. People will always need to be seen by medical professionals, so taking up a position within the healthcare industry can help you build a long term career and feel more confident about having long term job security.

Choose a more supporting but still worthwhile role within a healthcare facility or look for healthcare jobs that require some degree of training or even choose to further your career with a different position or promotion.

From general practitioners, hospital settings, therapists, physical therapists, opticians, or even care home settings. The options are endless and positions that people will require staff for many years to come.

Become your own boss

You might be thinking, what exactly can I offer to create a business all of my own and become my boss. While this route isn’t as job-secure as working for an established employer, nothing is stopping you from diving in and building the perfect job role for you.

Talk it through with some family and friends and look at what skills you have to offer others and what qualifications you have that can help you build your own business. Look at hobbies, personality traits, and experience gained from current or previous employment and find a way to see how this can all help you start a new business. Look for a gap in the market and find out if you can fill a need that others aren’t and start your journey to become a small business owner now!


Do you love to help people learn and have a flair for teaching? Then looking at training to become a teacher or getting a job role in an education setting could be perfect for you. Be it kindergarten, young children, teens, or even helping adults who return to education via evening classes or online learning. There are many job roles in the education setting that could be the perfect job role for you.

Some positions will require you to undergo formal training to allow you to qualify for your chosen job role; others will allow you to learn on the job and train in a more practical setting. All you need to ask is what job role you actually want to do.

Despite the uncertainty of the economy due to COVID-19, being proactive when it comes to looking for your dream job can help you forge a new career path and find the job that is perfect for you.

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The legal sector is one of the most prestigious and sought after areas to explore for a career once you leave school. Here are some of the key details that you might not be aware of about this industry and what it could be like working as a legal professional. 

You can Choose for Whom You Work

It’s possible that you have always assumed as a lawyer that you’ll need to represent criminals or those who are, at least ethnically, in the grey. Well, this is not the case and as a lawyer, you can have complete control over who you work for. You don’t have to represent a client that rubs you the wrong way. Of course, this becomes more difficult if you work for one of the larger firms. But even then, you can choose which company you work for based on the clients that they tend to take. 

The Wages aren’t Always Great 

People tend to think that the legal sector is always going to provide fantastic wages. It’s true that you can earn a fortune as a lawyer. For instance, if you are operating within one of the Magic Circle Firms you can earn as much as one hundred thousand per year. If you are part of SILK, then you could earn significantly more than this. On the other end of the spectrum, some lawyers will earn just twenty-five thousand. That’s a starting difference and it all depends on the level of value that employees perceive you to have. 

It’s Possible to Work Independently or for a Firm 

Yes, there’s no set rule that you have to work for one of the larger law firms. A key benefit of operating as part of one of the major firms is that it will provide you with more stability. By operating within a major firm, you should always have a steady stream of clients looking for your services. But, if you work independently then you’ll get to keep more of the profits. However, you’ll also need to take on further responsibilities and arrange a lot of different services. For instance, you might need the support of a company like Elite Lawyer Management to get the right marketing and promotion. 

The Hours are Long 

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that lawyers do work exceptionally long hours, particularly when just starting out. As you move through the ranks, you will be able to delegate more regularly to people below you. However, for the first couple of years, you will take on the brunt of the workload. You might even find that you have to work through holidays. That’s why this isn’t a career that is recommended for people who are keen to start a family and or those who have multiple personal commitments. It’s always going to be difficult to fit everything in. 

We hope this helps you understand everything you need to know about working in the legal sector. There are definitely ups and downs to this career choice of which you should be aware.

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