One of the biggest time wasters in American corporations and universities is meetings. Warren Buffet agrees with us on this. In fact, rumor has it that he only accepts last-minute meetings! For those of you stuck waiting on your next meeting to start, here are 11 funny meeting quotes that will help you remember that you aren’t alone in hating meetings that could have been an email.

Meetings Hold Us Back. All of Us.

Humorist Dave Barry reminds us that we’re not just wasting our time in meetings, we’re damaging the entire human race.

If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be “meetings.”

Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

We all work with someone that absolutely loves meetings. If you let them, they will fill your entire calendar with meetings about pointless garbage.

People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.

In Some Ways, Meetings Do Have a Purpose.

Of course, on days you don’t really want to do anything at all, meetings provide a good distraction. If your boss asks you to do something, you can always say, “Can’t. I’m in meetings.”

Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything.

Meetings Provide the Incompetent with Something to Do.

You know the people in your work place that never get anything done? They are the reason we waste so much time in meetings.

Committees are the Worst

Hands down, the least productive meetings are those when you’re forced to join a committee. This is probably why Congress is so fond of them.

Meetings Sabotage Your Self Worth

In a way, it’s probably good that we have a place where everyone can come together, share ideas, and have group affirmation that our ideas stink.

Meetings Have Been Around for Ages

Henry VIII was so tired of waiting on committees to make decisions that he started his own church! Sure, there was a bit more to it than that, but in Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella didn’t wait on a committee to give Columbus permission to sail. Good thing, too.

Meetings Stall Progress

How many times have you sat in a meeting and thought, “I could have finished this myself a week ago”? 

Why are We Still Here?

Most of the time, when you look around the meeting room, there’s one or two people who really want to be there, but most everyone else is watching the clock.

The “Golden” Meeting

The best meetings are the ones where no one wants to be there and everyone agrees to keep it short. That’s when things get done!

To Boldly Meet Where No One Has Met Before

One disturbing thing about the Star Trek series is that meetings and committees still exist. Money is eliminated, but people still hold meetings? Unbelievable.