Wear a tunic to work

A tunic can be a very flattering wardrobe staple. It covers everything most women worry about covering, yet it is short enough to create a proportional figure when paired with the right leggings or pants. You can wear your favorite tunic at work with just a few accessory tweaks.

Tunics are Not Dresses

As we were shopping in Target last night, we saw a great many tunics on the display mannequins. It was disturbing to see the visual merchandisers had not seen fit to add pants to their displays! Ladies, you can never, ever wear your tunics without something covering your legs. It’s not a dress; it’s not even a mini skirt. It’s a long shirt.

Most tunics do cover your bum, but let’s be real: one gust of wind or dropped pencil and the whole world will see your business. It’s not lady like, and it’s definitely not professional. Cover your legs!

Pair Your Tunic with Slacks and a Belt

If you have a pretty patterned tunic, pair it with an belt to give you a nice, defined waistline. You can wear your tunic with straight-leg slacks or even skinny pants.

Wear Your Tunic to the Office


 Keep your jewelry simple if your tunic is has a brightly colored pattern. When wearing a tunic with slacks, go for a shoe with a bit of heel. 

Pair Your Tunic with Leggings and Flats

If you have a more structured tunic, which basically looks like a dress but too short, pair it with leggings, flats and classic jewelry.

Wear Your Tunic to the Office with Flats and Leggings


Pair Your Tunic with Ankle Boots and a Statement Necklace

One of our favorite looks is to wear a solid-colored tunic with leggings and a statement necklace. Statement necklaces aren’t for every outfit. You shouldn’t wear them with bright patterned tops. Instead, let them be your “pop” of excitement in an otherwise calm-looking outfit.

Wear Your Tunic to the Office with Boots and a Statement Necklace


Here, we’ve added classic (but small) hoop earrings and cute ankle boots.

Rules for Wearing a Tunic to the Office

Your tunic can look professional and polished, but you have to follow a few simple rules:

  • Your tunic must cover your bum. No exceptions. No excuses. CYA!
  • You must cover your legs with either leggings or slacks.
  • Do not wear a tunic with boot cut pants. Ever.
  • Avoid wacky patterns, like 60’s tie-dye or pink cheetah

Wear a tunic to work