While you absolutely shouldn’t consider wearing jeans to a job interview (in most cases), on casual Friday, you can absolutely wear jeans to work. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to wear jeans on casual Friday.

Wear Jeans on Casual Friday—but Not Jeans with Holes!

First, you cannot, under any circumstances, wear jeans with holes or rips. Sure, they’re fashion-forward, but they also look sloppy. You can be hip and cool on the weekend, for the office, keep it safe and classy.

While we are on this topic, be sure your jeans aren’t stained or discolored in any way. You always want to look put together and polished at the office, even on casual Friday.

Stick to Dark Wash Jeans on Casual Friday

Your jeans should be a dark wash. Lighter washes look too casual, and often show stains and discoloration. Buy the darkest jeans possible, but do skip the black denim. It’s just weird.

Your Jeans Must Fit

No matter what your body size or shape, if you are going to wear jeans to work on casual Friday, your jeans must fit your body. Too relaxed and they look sloppy. Too tight and you look like a hoochie or a gigolo—not the right message for the office.

Here’s a secret: No one cares what brand your jeans are. Cheap jeans that fit you properly always look more expensive than fancy brand name jeans that don’t fit. Always choose fit over brand.

No T-Shirts Allowed with Jeans at the Office

You must pair your jeans with a dressy shirt or blouse, dressy shoes, and dressy accessories. A t-shirt doesn’t cut it here. Since your jeans are casual, the rest of your outfit can’t be.

Look for tops in bold colors so they stand in contrast to the blue of your jeans. Look for statement accessories, and don’t be afraid to have fun with them. Casual Friday is a good time to experiment with statement necklaces and dangly earrings.

Jeans on Casual Friday for Guys

In this example of a casual Friday jeans outfit for guys, we’ve paired a dark-wash jean with a red button-up shirt and dark brown loafers. Nothing in our example costs more than $50 (and no, none of these pieces are affiliate links), and there’s a good chance you already have presentable jeans in your closet, and hopefully brown loafers, too.

Men should wear jeans with a button up shirt and loafers on casual Friday.

Jeans on Casual Friday for Ladies

A casual Friday outfit for ladies should include a pretty blouse and memorable accessories. In this example, we’ve paired a dark wash, straight-leg jean with a teal wrap top and a matching statement necklace. Flats in the same color family finish the look.

Wear Jeans on Casual Friday with a pretty statement necklace

More Jeans Examples for Casual Friday

Here are two more jean outfit examples.

On casual Friday, guys should wear a button-up shirt if they choose to wear jeansLadies should always wear a blouse with jeans on casual Friday

Follow this Pattern and Rock Your Jeans!

Do you see the trend yet? It’s an easy pattern to follow: Dark wash jeans, dressy top, matching belt and shoes for men, statement necklace and dressy flats or boots for women. It’s easy—and everyone will think you’re polished and professional, even in jeans.

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