If your ultimate goal is reaching the top of the ladder when it comes to your career, then it’s vital you know the tactics and strategies that will get you there. Luckily, this is a subject you can find out all about below, so keep reading to find out how you can make it from the bottom rungs right to the top.

Vigilantly Watch for Promotion Opportunities

First of all, you may wish to put in place an assertive strategy for making your way to the top. What this means is that you deliberately look for and seize opportunities to further your career, raise your pay rate, and get contacts and experience that will make you difficult to pass over when promotion time comes.

To achieve this, you need always to put your name in the hat when positions come up in your current company, even if you don’t think you are particularly qualified, as it will show your employers that you are keen and committed to your career. Such experiences can also help you hone your interview skills and can provide you with feedback that will be invaluable when it comes to applying and interviewing for a promotion that you do want.

It is also a good idea to keep your ear to the ground regarding other opportunities and promotions in companies other than the one you are currently working for. To do this, you may choose to use an alert on a job seeking site or browse the wanted adds on LinkedIn.

Remember to keep your resume up to date with your latest skills and talents too, and evidence of when you used them in a work situation to advantage as well, as this can help you be ready to apply for promotion as soon as they appear.

Get Specialized Training and Experience

Next, if you are looking to climb the ladder, dedicating some time and effort to getting specialized training and experiences in specific areas can be hugely valuable. We’re not just talking about basic things like typing and soft skills here though, but instead training that is directly linked to the particular job and problems you will have to deal with as your progress through your career.

In fact, courses that are much more focused on your field, just like this masters in hotel management are the sort of thing you should be looking for. The reason being that they will have the most value both regarding how they look on your resume and the confidence they will give you at work on a day to day basis.

Practice Patience

Ever seen that picture of the cute ginger kitten hanging from a tree branch, with the caption,”Hang in there underneath?”

Well, this is some excellent advice when it comes to progressing through your career.

The reason is that there are nearly always higher level position available for those who choose to dedicate themselves and make themselves indispensable even to a smaller company. Yes, it may take ten years more and include doing some additional training, but often by not quitting when the going gets tough, you show enough grit and determination to help you achieve your ultimate career goals.

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Pursuing a career with passion is a beautiful thing. What better way to love the life you live and live the life you love? Pursuing any career we care about is the best chance we all have at happiness.

Of course, when you start out, you may have a relatively limited idea of your goals in any given field. Most of us embark on the working world with only a rough idea of our end point. If you’re lucky, you’ll manage to secure a job in your industry early on, and build yourself up from there.

The truth is, though, that few of us stay with the company we start in. It may be that, over the years, you outgrow your first firm. Or, you may get a counter offer which pulls you away.

This is all part of a competitive industry. Many would argue that accepting counter offers is essential for progression. The only issue is, a company may try and woo you without having the substance to back things up. And, once you leave a position for a competitor, there’s no looking back. So, how can you make sure hopping careers won’t leave you worse off?

Don’t Let Pretty Promises Fool You

If a company has reached out to you, they obviously like what you do. And, the chances are that they’ll say anything to get you on board. The only trouble is, pretty promises don’t always materialize. It’s not unusual for companies to offer the world, then retract it once they have you onside. As such, you should always ask for proof before making new commitments. Bear in mind, too, that even getting something in writing doesn’t set it in stone. Companies often use ‘offer letters’. These aren’t typically binding, and could still lead to a retraction. To make sure it doesn’t happen, you can turn to the Law Offices of George Birnbaum and others like them who can help see those offers to fruition. Whatever you do, don’t just take promises at face value. You’re sure to pay for it later.

Compare the Companies

It’s also essential you take time to compare your current company with the one making the offer. Everything, from the number of employees to the deals they’ve secured, should come into play. If your current company has more deals on the table, for instance, you’d be mad to move somewhere smaller. The thing to bear in mind is that any move, even a career hop, should be a step forward of some kind. If you’re looking at going backward, you’re getting something wrong.

Consider Future Prospects

Of course, the issue isn’t black and white. Given most of us are working towards progression, you should also bear this in mind. A smaller company, for instance, may offer a better chance of promotion down the line. So, your final consideration should be your chances for advancement. If a new job doesn’t provide an opportunity for a promotion anytime soon, it’s probably not worth taking.

Career Hopping: Is it Worth Your While? #career #careerhop #changiangjobs #iquit

Some people simply aren’t cut out to do regular jobs. And these are generally the people who gravitate towards the more unusual career paths. If the beaten path isn’t working out for you, it might be a good idea to start thinking about some of the more unusual career paths that might interest you.  Switching your career and doing something you’ve never even thought about before could be exactly what you need right now.

1. Voiceover Artist

This is one of those jobs that not many people get to do, but if you think that you’re the kind of person that can instantly capture an audience with your voice alone, this is definitely the career for you. To get started in this career, you will need a crystal-clear microphone, like the ones we use from Plantronics. You should create a demo reel that showcases the range of your voice talents, and then post it one voiceover sites like voices.com and voicebunny.com, as well as freelance sites like Fiverr.

2. Ethical Hacker

If you love working with computers and you enjoy breaking down code and finding flaws in it, ethical hacking really coupe be the career for you. Companies increasingly need to know where the weak links in their armor are. And these days, their cybersecurity is just as important as any other aspect of security.

To find a job as a hacker, look for “computer security” jobs on Indeed and other job search sites. Most employers will expect you to have a 4-year degree and some coding experience.

3. Chocolatier

Let’s face it; we all love chocolate, and making it yourself can be a lot of fun. If you’re working at the highest-end of this industry, it can be very creative and incredibly intricate. You’ll need at least a few culinary courses, and most high-end chocolate makers require a full culinary degree. On the small side, you can apprentice a local chocolatier and use your talents to cater weddings and parties. 

4. Professional Pilot

There’s something incredible about the prospect of taking to the skies and simply being in control of the plane. Of course, if you do decide to enroll on aeronautical programs, you will start with smaller aircrafts and work your way up to commercial jets. If you love flying, this could be an amazing career choice!

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5. Meteorologist

You don’t necessarily have to be the person standing in from of the camera breaking the news to everyone that it’s going to rain next week, but being a meteorologist can be fun. It’s a fascinating aspect of science, and if you do want to eventually want to appear on camera, that’s something you could pursue too.

Meteorologists have at least a bachelor’s degree, and more often than not, they go on to earn master’s degrees. With the right credentials, you could work for television and radio stations, NASA, or even the government.

5 Unusual Careers for People Who Want to Make Good Money #career #weirdjobs #unusualcareers