If you have a personality that craves adventure and constant change, you might be bored in a lot of medical careers. While family doctors find their work fulfilling, they also spend a lot of time in the same medical office, every day, for years and years.

Medical careers are, for the most part, economically stable, so many college students find them attractive. You don’t have to trade adventure for a stable career, though. You can find a unique career in healthcare if you know where to look. Here are a few ideas:

1. Cruise Ship Nurse

Modern cruise ships hold thousands of passengers and crewmembers. When out on the water, often hundreds of miles from a hospital, nurses and doctors employed by cruise lines are responsible for treating illnesses and injuries that occur while underway.

Cruise ship nurses can have a heavy workload and need to be able to deal with a huge variety of ailments, but the job has many advantages that make it very rewarding work. You get to travel the world and make use of all the cruise ship facilities in your free time. You get to meet new people every week. And, if a patient is especially troublesome, you know they’ll be gone in just a few days when their cruise ends.

Nurses with emergency room experience do best in this role. There are sites online where you can search for cruise ship nurse roles.

2. Air Ambulance Paramedic

Air ambulance paramedics have to conduct rescue missions in areas where ambulances cannot reach. Injuries as the result of extreme sports and road accidents are the some of the common cases that these paramedics tackle.

An air evac career is fast paced, and obviously, you need to have a head for heights. Like groundwork as a paramedic, it can be extremely rewarding to save lives and help patients on some of the worst days of their lives. Most air ambulance paramedics have previous experience as a paramedic or in the military.

3. Prosthetics Technician

Prosthetics technicians build new artificial limbs and body parts for patients who have suffered amputations or serious injuries. This rewarding work involves working closely with patients to meet their individual needs and then using machinery to craft prosthetics with precise measurements.

Prosthetics make a world of different for the patients who receive them. It can be rewarding to see patients use your designs to walk again when they never thought they would. Recently, animal prosthetics has gained notoriety, so if you find yourself bored building prosthetics for humans, there’s always building legs for horses and tails for dolphins.

The job requires knowledge not only in anatomy but engineering, but physics and chemistry. There are courses in prosthetics engineering that can teach you all the necessary skills.

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4. Medical Illustrator

If you’ve got a talent for drawing and an interest in medicine, a job as a medical illustrator could allow you to use both skills. Medical illustrators create drawings and animations for educational, marketing and research purposes. Drawings must be anatomically accurate as well as aesthetically pleasing. You could even take your artistic skills further and help produce models for filmmakers and schools.

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5. Forensics Scientist

Forensics scientists with a medical background can be useful for helping to solve crimes. They analyze biological samples from suspects such as hair and skin to check if there’s a DNA match at the crime scene. The job can even involve working on more serious cases such as murder and manslaughter, helping to identify causes of death. There are specialist qualifications that you can take in forensics science in order to break into this field.

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