If your dream is to travel for a living, you can find a variety of high-paying jobs that will fund your travel obsession. Most require some sort of college degree or certification, but with a little preparation, you can be making money and seeing the world in no time at all.

Here are five more careers for people who love to travel:

1. Long Haul Driver

If you love to drive and want to see thousands of miles of countryside each year, then you might enjoy a job as a long-haul driver. As a driver, you can either work as your own boss and pay a service to find you loads to haul, or you can work for a trucking company. You’ll need a CDL license and a passion for the open road.

With the advanced technology implemented in today’s cars and trucks, your job will be much easier than the past generation’s. With apps, you can find your way around, locate the best views, and find somewhere reputable to stop for the night. You can find nationwide truck driving jobs online.

2. Travel Nurse

If you want a career in health care, but you want to see the world outside of a hospital or doctor’s office, you might consider a career as a travel nurse. In this job, you accompany patients who need medical supervision to travel. This means you might jet halfway across the world, or take a cruise in the Caribbean—either way, you travel is paid!

You’ll need an RN, BSN, MSN, or NP, and likely a couple extra certifications to become a full-time travel nurse, but the experience is well worth the effort. Be sure to check out Lucy Atkinson’s 12 Essential Tips on Staying Safe While Traveling before embarking on your travel nursing adventure.

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3. HR Consultant

If you become an HR consultant or recruiter in an industry with a gap in skilled workers, you can be paid a lot to travel the country (and maybe the world) recruiting potential candidates. You’ll visit universities and colleges, which are often in fantastic tourist areas. If you’re a foodie, this is a great job for you because colleges are often located near hip and trendy areas with awesome local restaurants.

You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in psychology, human resources, or business, and most high-powered HR Consultants have MBAs. More than anything, you’ll need to be very good with people!

4. Cruise Manager

If you dream of sailing the seven seas while making a lucrative salary, then a position as a cruise manager may be for you. You’ll need a travel and leisure hospitality management qualification to land the job, and then you’ll need experience in the hospitality industry—which you can also gain on a cruise ship.

There are all sorts of cruise managers, from managing housekeeping teams to hosting weddings and elaborate events. Whatever your hospitality passion, you can find a fun job on a cruise ship and see the world.

5. Hotel Inspector

If you love watching Hotel Impossible, and can see yourself staying in a different hotel every night, you might love a job as a hotel inspector. You will test out hotel amenities, judge the cleanliness of rooms, taste-test room service offerings, and put the staff’s service through their paces. You will create reports and offer hoteliers advice on how to make more money by improving their services.

A hotel inspector will need relevant experience and market knowledge. A degree in hospitality management and experience managing your own hotel will help you break into the industry.

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